· has a huge influence on the upbringing

·       Notes :1.

     Society cause of drug addiction :Statement : Society plays a major role in drug addiction.Explanation : Mostly the people who don’t use drugs aresurrounded by drug addicts so in future they also become one of them. The firsttheory of society cause of drug addcition can be family. A family has a hugeinfluence on the upbringing of a child. If the parents in the family areaddicted to drugs then the children in the family will undoubtedly get addictedto it too.

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The child will be inquiring to give a try to drug and then they keepon doing it in this case they get addicted to it. Moreover, as we know theenvironment in school is very social so people can easily interact with eachother. In this way, when a person gets into a bad company they start doing illegalthings and then slowly they get addicted to it.Example : United states is suffering from the same situation. 20.2million people over the age of 18 are addicted to drugs.

 2.     Health: Stress and depressionStatement: Another cause of drug addiction can be health. Explanation:  When a personlost his loved ones he gets into stress and depression which leads to drugs so thathe can get rid of stress and depression for a while. Another reason can be whena person gets low grades in their finals or when a person is fired from theirjob they get into depression which also leads to drugs. Moreover, when a personmoves to a new city or a new school, the people around them are trying totrouble them so they take help of illegal drugs to get rid of it.

So tryingdrugs even once can get people addicted to itExample : India is suffering from this situation. Around 50% of thestudent of ninth grade had tried drugs atleast once.   ·       What did I learn?Statement: Research from interdisciplinaryapproach.Explanation: I learned how to evaluate andanalyze the topic from different fields of study.

Example: I did a research on causes of drugaddiction from different fields of study like health and society.