1-30 are worlds apart. It might prove to

1-30 %Your relationship seems to be headed to a total gridlock. You need to come up with remedial measure to bring it back on track. The pleasant moment seem to preoccupy your thoughts making you forget the good times. You need to embrace what the present has to offer but avoid making future plans that may flop. Do not get upset by the demands of your relationship even if they drain your energies. Take time and adjust and calm down.  Go for what makes you happy and spent precious moments together. A short adventure will give you the courage you lack. As much as your relationship might turnout unsuccessful, you need to accept it as fate. Both of you need to decide what is good and avoid the drama involved.31-40 %Your two personalities are incompatible when it comes to relationship; you are worlds apart.  It might prove to be a real challenge for the two of you and for it to work a lot of work needs to be done only if both of you are courageous enough, your determination may bear fruits soon. You do not have to involve others; the two of you can turn everything round from being a hell and heaven relationship to joy. You can stay together for as long as nature permits. Despite your natural differences, adjusting to each other is the only way out. You need to be careful with each other, know each other’s weak and sensitive points and work towards compatibility. Identify your differences mutually and create a road map toward reaching a consensus; this is the only way you will end up completing your love adventure together.41-50 %Currently your love life is superb but at times, you are faced with many challenges.  There is not perfect relationship and ups and down are healthy for both of you. All you need is to forget about your egos and embrace a dynamic exchange that should focus on building a long lasting relationship.While at it, do not forget that you are only human and have unique differences.  There is no resemblance between the two of you and you need to have a common meeting ground. Once you let your partner stop struggling to understand you, you are both headed the right direction. The existing gaps presents the right environment to create a compromise that can only become possible if both of you need share same identity, thoughts and actions. Love is all about the two of you.51-60 %A good and successful relationship calls for dedication and true commitment. This is a challenge that you can take up only if there is the willpower. Deciding to take on your challenges as a couple will help you build strong loving bonds. You do not expect to have a wonderful relationship all through; it can turn out boring but when it is punctuated with calmness and turbulence, it becomes fun and these create a consolation point in each other. The two of you can make a wonderful couple if you work hard at it; it is not rocket science, just be real.You are responsible for bringing synergy to your relationship. This will make you adapt to one another despite slight differences in needs. If you try these you are poised to form a wonderful and loving bond that lasts.61-70 %You relationship compatibility is smooth and open to positive possibilities. What is needed right now is for you to work towards a mutual adjustments; you have the willpower and the courage to move your love to the next level. As a couple, you will run into minor misunderstandings that are easy to iron out since you both know your aspirations. Charm each other with unconditional support and turn your union to a success love story.  Hold on to each other steadily and know what drives the other. Do not sit back, work at it; it is a continuous process.71-80 %You have a very smooth relationship and you should take pride in it but there are a few issues that can disrupt the current harmony. This is normal for any remarkable bond and if you are conscious enough, you can make it exceptional. This does not mean you sit back and relax; you may encounter issues that are beyond your control but they should not be causes of alarm, you have better ways of solving them without disrupting your harmony.  You have a relationship that other envy and you can move to the apex if only you try. Let happiness be your goal and you can achieve this by strengthening your compatibility.81-100 %Your relationship is exceptionally smooth and you cannot ask for more. You have developed a healthy mechanism to handle any misunderstandings that come your way. You understand each and mutually seek to create a harmonious bond that cannot be shaken by the usual relationship mishaps. You have excellent communication and you do not need extra efforts to achieve the highest level of happiness.You have intense support and your love flows effortlessly. Your compatibility index ranks high and this creates a bond that cannot be penetrated by any type of misunderstanding. You are both endowed with unconditional love that will not let go of each other.