1. created a video to establish partnerships with

1.     What are your interests in and outside of school? Outside of school I enjoy reading books, I read a range of genres from classic literature to mystery. I also take part in a writing club.

This has allowed me to increase my passion for reading as well as gain skills in teamwork such as listening and communication. By participating in this I have learnt how to work and understand others.I also volunteer at a Saturday club during my free time. It is something I enjoy as I can help people organise and present their views in different ways such as magazines, short videos and articles.Outside of school, I attend Korean language lessons at school. Learning languages is something I enjoy both inside and outside of school, it has allowed me to take part in exchange programmes and make friends.

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Also, I often take part in group projects at school. For instance, I have participated in a project during which a small group of students and I created a video to establish partnerships with schools abroad. This has allowed me to gain confidence in speaking to both teachers and students and take on a leadership role.

2.     What subjects do you enjoy or want to study in the future?  3.     What are your ambitions for the future?  In the future I want to go into a career that involves helping others, this has been one of my most important aims for the future.

 4.     Tell us why you should be considered for summer school?  From a young age I have been fascinated by healthcare I understand that it is a field that requires other skills such as being caring and understanding as well as being able to communicate with others. By attending this programme, I can learn more about health outside of lessons in a more interactive, engaging environment.  By attending this summer school, I hope to gain experience in working in a medical related field and develop my understanding of what the course has to offer. Additionally, I hope to gain more confidence while working in groups and develop clinical skills that could help with my future ambitions in the healthcare field. I also think this is a good opportunity to understand what university has to offer.