1.Introduction:South for the cultural industryIn 1997, the government

1.Introduction:South Korean popular culture, including TV plays, films, popular songs and related celebrities, has become more and more popular in East and Southeast Asian countries since 1990s.The news media and trade magazines have called this phenomenon as ‘Korean wave ‘which refers to the influence of Korean culture in other regions. The Associated Press reported in March 2002: “Call it “kim chic”. All things Korean from food and music to eyebrow-shaping and shoe styles are the rage across Asia, where pop culture has long been dominated by Tokyo and Hollywood” (Visser, 2002). This article aims to find the factors that contribute to the popularity of South Korean popular culture in Asia and how has Korean cultural appeal impacted China. 2.Main Body2.1?the factors that contribute to the popularity of South Korean popular culture in Asia.2.1.1?Government support for the cultural industryIn 1997, the government of the South Korean struggled in the Asian financial crisis and suddenly realized the economic fragility caused by the single industry. Therefore, diversification of industries became a direction actively explored by South Korea. At this moment, South Korea listed cultural industry as a strategic pillar industry for the development of the national economy. In just a few years, the government of the South Korean put forward the policy of “building a nation based on culture”, formulating a series of plans and established relevant cultural institutions to devote itself exclusively to the promotion of South Korean culture. South Korean popular culture developed very rapidly. I think Government support is the most important factor.2.1.2?Popular cultural products are close to the public Popular Korean culture is closer to the public. The public loves easy, simple, slow-paced and lengthy entertainment programs that fit the salient features of Korean cultural products. “The South Korean TV play is more closely linked to us, and the American TV play like “Beverly Hills “or” Sex and the City of Desire” are very interesting, but they are too unrealistic.” (Setijadi,2005) Unlike Western TV play, Korean TV play keeps away from controversial issues such as homosexuality, drug abuse but tells the positive aspects of pure love between young man and woman, affection between family members, friendship and so on. The protagonists of Korean TV play always look forward to tomorrow with full confidence. After many young people have watched the Korean dramas, they feel that they can overcome the difficulties through their own efforts.2.1.3?CreativityPop culture can be easily eliminated without innovation. The reason why pop culture in Korea has been so popular for so long is innovative. The government of South Korean put forward the slogan of “creative Korea” to cultivate creative citizens, creative regions, creative countries, creative culture as an important goal of its industrial development. Therefore, the practitioners of Korean cultural industry tend to be full of creativity, and have unlimited imagination to create a rich content and enterprising and innovative cultural products.  2.2?How has Korean cultural appeal impacted ChinaKorean wave is sweeping across China and have a great influence on the lifestyle of people, values of people, and culture of China. 2.2.1? Have a great impact on the culture of ChinaBefore the Sino-South Korean relations are so tense, more and more Chinese traveled to South Korea and exchange between the two countries are frequent. An article said “Intimate political and economic cooperation has led to frequent exchanges of citizens between the two countries.” (Lee, S. J, 2011, citing Yang, 2005). However, this exchange is unbalanced. A large number of Korean cultural products are imported into China, but a small number of Chinese cultural products are imported into Korea. “The one-way influx of Korean cultural commodities to China made them create an increasing imbalance of two nations” (Ryoo, 2007). Korean wave has constantly impacted the Chinese culture. Chinese traditional culture has seemed to be squeezed to the corner. For example, Korean drama has affected the aesthetic way of teenagers. The cultural concept of not go out without make-up from Korean deeply has affected the Chinese people. Compared with the traditional Chinese concept of paying attention to the beauty of nature, South Korea’s hot air of “appearance first” has become popular.    2.2.2?Have a great impact on lifestyle and values of peoplePeople (especially young people) like Korean stars, Korea Accessori, Korean cuisine, K-beauty. I think that Korean drama has a greatest impact on China in cultural products from Korean. It not only affects people’s way of life but also affects the values of young people. People will follow the clothing style of the protagonist in the play and will eat Korean food that appears in the play, which will drive the development of Korean pop culture. Nowadays, Korean food shops are everywhere on the street, attracting a lot of diners. Korean cuisine has become a popular foreign food like KFC and McDonald. After pop culture of South Korea sweeps China, more and more people like to go to South Korea for tourism and shopping rather than going to other countries. Young people like to buy Korean cosmetics, and even go to do the plastic surgery to have exquisite face. Korean Wave has greatly changed our way of life.  3.Conclusion:The most important reason why Korean popular culture has achieved such great success is that South Korea attaches importance to culture and it is worth learning for China. In the current era, sometimes cultural output are more important than the output of goods, and can enhance the image and influence of a country. Korean drama affected China easily in the field of mass culture, which in itself shows that the Chinese cultural market has a huge domestic demand, but the lack of supply of local cultural products. Chinese nation has five thousand years of history and profound cultural background. Draw the best and remove the worst. In the face of the Korean Wave, we should innovate and develop with the times so as to change the impetuous and superficial popular culture of the time, carrying forward the fine traditions of the Chinese nation through the formal contents loved by the masses. In addition, We should critically view the Korean Wave. Not only to criticize the adverse impact of the Korean wave to China, but also affirm the positive impact of Korean wave to China. In the end, I believe Chinese culture will be popular in the world again.