1. is a societal disparity between people who

1. The linear development of a plot is a prominent element in many children’s stories. The succession of events that must happen in order for the following events to occur/cause and effect.

The theme is often built around this idea of cause and effect. The atmosphere of children stories are effected by this succession of events happening in the order that they do in order to show a correlation between action and consequence. Because children stories are written essentially to teach lessons to children, it is crucial that one derives from the story the idea that ones behavior will have an effect on future events.

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2. The story is very subtle in its exploration behind the motives of the various characters. Without knowing much about the time period and context in which the story was written, one has a shallower idea of why the characters interact the way they do. What is understood without the context is a societal disparity between people who seem to occupy different social classes. Nothing is ever mentioned about race being the defining characteristic that separates the two classes of people in the story.

I think this is one of the main ironies of the story. Because it is a story written for children, the author reframes from putting the situation into context. This is ironic because she writes as a child would see the world, without the bigotry of racism. The characters display a magnitude of ironies in the story. The biggest irony would have to be the increased seclusion that came with the security that the husband and wife had installed on their home, and the effects it had on the child, who was blind to all of their causes for doing so in the first place, and was hurt because of it. This creates a complex but interesting idea that still relates the the succession of events in a children’s story. The parents’ generation of hate led to both the physical and mental injury of the child, who suffered from their ignorance in both aspects.