1. labor relations – is another vital responsibility

1.  withnon-financial compensation, such as designing a work environment that ishealthy and satisfying to employees. 2.  Employeesafety, health and labor relations – is another vital responsibility of HRMdepartment. This is often one of the primary points of contact when an employeehas work-related issues.

Also ensuring that federal health and safety regulationsare followed as well as ensuring the employees are trained for their safety andhealth. The department also kept track of new legislation surroundinglaws impacting the organization and employees (Grimsley, 2015)  (https://study.com/academy/lesson/human-resource-management-definition-objectives-responsibilities.html) Human Resource Department’s DifferentApproaches to Recruitment and Selection in Alfa FinancialsRecruitment – Is the process of finding and hiring thebest-qualified candidate from a pool of potentials with the desired skills, experienceand knowledge which undergoes the process to fill job vacancies against definedposition descriptions and specifications in a timely and cost-effective manner(McKinney, 2015) https://study.

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com/academy/lesson/what-is-recruitment-in-hr-lesson-quiz.htmlRecruitment Stages in HumanResources1.     Job analysis- The HR representative reviews and analyzes what they require the new employeeto do in the open position. They build a job description, which describes theessential duties of the job, set minimum qualifications and define a salaryrange from its analysis. 2.     Advertising- Applicants search begin through networking, advertising, or other searchmethods in order to find applicants who match the job requirements.3.

     Screening – Thisprocess involves skills and/or personality testing, assessment of theapplicant’s motivation and their fit with organizational requirements throughthe interview process.4.     Finalizingthe job offer- The job is offered to the applicant, which includes acompensation package. Once the offer has been accepted by the candidate, beginsthe on boarding process that covers with the introduction of the new employeeto the company and vice versa.2main types of RECRUITMENTInternal Sourcing – Is the practice of advertising a recentlyvacated or a new position within an organizationto existing employees. The department just sends an email to existing employeethus; organization need not spend time on hiring candidates from the outside.

Strengths·        It gives positive effect on the employee’s morale                                                                                             ·        Better assessment of abilities sincethe employee has already a record                                                                               ·        Saves the company from the cost of jobadvertising and hiring externally, therefore,cheaper and quicker to recruit                                                                                      ·        Spares the company the time and moneyas there is only a little or no training is needed as people are alreadyfamiliar with the business and how it operates as well as it fosters loyaltyand parity among team members.                                                                                                                                    ·        Motivator for good performance asprovides opportunities of promotion and career growthWeaknesses·        Hiring internally will have you working on the same ideas since the start ofthe project.·         it has its way of limiting potential knowledgeand ideas that can spur the growth of theorganization                                                                          ·         The negative effect on the morale of those notpromoted that can cause resentment and unmotivatedemployees                                                                                                   ·         It could lead to internal conflict asemployees would compete for the position                                                         ·        Creates another vacancy that needs tobe filled            External Sourcing – External sourcing is a method that conducts an employee candidate searchthrough external recruitment tools, such as job boards, newspaper advertisements, referrals, career fairs, employmentagencies, and trade publication announcements when there is no oneinside the organization is fit for the position.Strengths·         New recruits bring new and fresh ideas, knowledge and insights from other industriesand competitions                                                                                         ·        A large numberof best candidates that has a wider rangeof experiences to choose from                                                                              ·         Avoids political issues as recruitment is donefairlyWeaknesses·        Long process                                                                                                 ·        Chance of a failed selection of bestcandidate                                                                                           ·        The expensiveprocess due to recruitment and selection process                                                                                   ·        risk of selecting a candidate with alimited understanding of the company and inability to understand the company’senvironment and not able to adjust in the new environment which makes themunworthy of the position