1) One of the biggest problem of the

1) Toyota should work to undertake serious efforts
to strengthen its management platform along with strategies to raise corporate

 2) on
urgent basis, Toyota should promote business and cost structure planning for
solidifying the management platform so it can make itself able to respond
quickly to the changing market circumstances and conditions. Specifically, the
company should maintain a stable structure by eliminating the unnecessary steps
through the reduction of fixed prices and increase its business in established
markets in developed countries. 

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3) Toyota should consider to expand its
business into rapidly growing developing countries by thoroughly and
meticulously monitoring and analysing the market conditions in respective
regions and introducing products suited to the needs and demand of each market.
For each region and country, Toyota should work on developing the supply chain
and pricing techniques so that it can grab a wide range of customers on that
area accordingly.

4) Toyota should consider making Lexus a
priority in the Chinese market as the Lexus is consider the 3rd most
sold car in china (Forbes, 2017). One of the biggest problem of the car maker
is the manufacturing details of it as it doesn’t have assembly lines and the
competitors have already set them in the country so Toyota need to focus on it
at earliest.

5) company should pursue the development of
environmental friendly and energy-saving products while performing all the
functions and services demanded by customers (value chain) to fulfil all their
needs and delivering them to the global international market. Acting on these
steps, Toyota should aim for growth in the areas of materials, handling
equipment and textile machinery along with the production of engines and
vehicles properly.

 6) in
order to increase the global market there is the need to foster the global
human resources and the power of work place should also be increased by making
the more diverse use of human resources (International marketing, Philip R

along with considering the safety the observance of rules and regulation should
also be considered to increase the market value of the product. 

  8) Overall, Toyota has performed well in the
industry over the past many years and gained market share. A shift toward
smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles which is the need of hour and can be manufacture
at a relatively low price, will support growth of Toyota in the United States.