1. ought to consider that they ought to

 1. What other factors should Marvinand his team consider?Ø  Marvinwas the CEO for his organization. All choices which should be taken wheretotally on his shoulder. Previously, he used to offer just at the settled costcontracts which thought to be chiefly brief contracts which hasn’t demonstratesthe organization development rate High contrasted with alternate organizationsin the market.

Ø  Presentlythey have another open door for a long time which was not an impermanentcontract and that was generously compensated contrasted with the pastcontracts. In any case, in this agreement Marvin and his group ought toconsider that they ought to acknowledge the customer’s necessities if not hiscontact is not any more proceeded with a similar customer. This can help Marvinto make his organization ascending the means which a high winning proportion.Also, this will help his temp to get climb in the compensation which a highspending venture.Ø  Tomake the bid /no bid choice, there are various elements to consider with aspecific end goal to make a target, as opposed to subjective, choice.1.Profitability: Themain issue is whether you can’t make a benefit on a venture, you should not beoffering on it in any case.

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Ensure you have an exact and exhaustive record ofyour yearly work and hardware costs so you can effectively assess your activitycosts.2.Capability:youhave to decide whether your organization can do the work. Survey your presentoverabundance of up and coming ventures to ensure you can give the labor,hardware, staff and different assets to focus on the task when development isrelied upon to begin and finish it inside the required course of events.

3.Riskassessment: Before choosing to offer a task you oughtto painstakingly distinguish all the potential risk that could emerge on theventure. Survey the offering reports, plans and determinations for the ventureand depend on authentic information from comparable tasks you’ve finished torecognize risk.   2.

Should they bid on the job?Ø  Marvinorganization should bid at work since this will build the organization moneyrelated rate. Which can help Marvin to get the new undertakings. This will forthe most part help to enhance the benchmarks of the Marvin’s organization andcan assist numerous activity searchers with getting set.

 Ø  Forthis situation in the event that they should offer on this activity they shouldsearch for the labor. They should assess the cost and the materials required.This will enable Marvin to change his cost to structure for the tasks.