1. vision statement combined helps to guide the

1.     Avision statement and a mission statement is different. They both servedifferent meaning to an organization. A mission and a vision statement combined helps toguide the strategic path of an organization. A mission statements is statement that describes what a companydoes. It focuses on the now, the present, and states the purpose of thebusiness. In some ways, it outlines how the vision statements is to beachieved. It asks the question, why do my business exist?Visionstatements are statements that describe what you want to be or become.

It isabout what you see, its aspirational, inspirational, motivational, and focuseson the future. Vision statements are written with the result in mind. They aremeant to create a picture of where one sees the business in the future. It asksthe question, what do we want to become?2.     Together,a mission and a vision statement is important in the development of an organization’sstrategy.

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Both mission and vision statement though different in meaning, helpto give direction and information, to the stakeholders, internal and external,of the business. They communicate the objectives and goals that are put inplace, which in turn, determines whether goals are being met. They alsomotivate the team/staff to work towards specific goals.3.     Ihave chosen to critique the mission and vision statement of Amazon.

Amazon is alarge marketplace that sell a wide variety of items online. It is an ecommerceand cloud computing company. They started as an online bookstore and laterdiversify to sell anything one my think they need to buy. The mission statementis as follows: “We strive to offer our customers the lowest possibleprices, the best available selection, and the utmost convenience.” The former mission statement answersthe question what is or business? It is clear, distinctive, motivating and itstates how objectives are to be achieved. In a nutshell, Amazon is customersatisfaction oriented. However, there is no inclusion in the mission statementthat describes the e-commerce nature of the business or the target market.

The vision statement is as follows: “To be Earth’s most customer-centric company,wherecustomers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.” Amazon’s vison statement answers thequestion, what do we want to become? The vision is suitable for the business,it is idealistic, it is distinctive, it inspires, and, it is clear in terms ofdirection. However, it lacks depth.Amazons missionand vision statements primarily focus is on customers.

Both statements are verynarrow. As a result, these statements should be expanded to include informationabout the organizations employees, corporate social responsibility, anticipatedgrowth, and to communicate the organization’s goals and objectives as well asits purpose to stakeholders.Revisedmission statement: To be the catalyst in ecommerce through consumer andemployee engagement, while reducing the environmental footprint as we grow.Revisedvision statement: Our vision is to continually lead change in ecommerce, providelowest prices, superior consumer service, inspire employees, grow consistentlyand focus on environmental stewardship.4.     Threebenefits of having a clear mission and visions are:·        Todevelop or establish core values and culture·        Tomaintain alignment of the business·        Aidin retention of stakeholders5.     Anorganization should revisit or update their mission and vision statementsannually.

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