1. will surely release all your stress and

1.       Sunset
point:  what can be the most
beautiful thing to have a look when you get the opportunity to gaze the sunset
at the end of the day.Naddi, which is most famous place among Dharamshaala, is
pretty much known for its marvelous sunset views. Once when you will capture
the delightful moment in your eyes, you will surely release all your stress and
come out of all the tensions of daily routine. From this point you can witness
the sunset that you might have never seen before. The reddish-orange rays of
the sun and the golden rays falling on the Dhauladhars will blow your mind.
Also by the side you can have look on the pong dam and the snow covered
mountains, and complete Kangra valley. This is the place that will make you
realize the earth is circular in shape. On the way from McLeodganj to Naddi you
will cross St. John church that I covered with the deodar trees. This is the
place that you can capture in your camera. Also on the way you will see the Dal
Lake, which is very pleasing and relaxing. You can spend some time here as well
and do boating as well if you wish to do…


2.       War
memorial:  war memorial is the
oldest and the best known place in Dharamshaala. It is like an entrance to Dharamshaala.
It is all around covered with the wonderful gardens and the trees and small
pathways that take you to memorial along with the trail of pine trees. The
memorial is basically dedicated to those brave soldiers who lost their lives
post independent period. During the operations of 1947-48, 1962, 1965, 1971,
many of our great soldiers lost their lives; this memorial is a kind of a
tribute to those strong and brave souls who will always be remembered in our hearts
forever life. Just for the sake of tribute and patriotism for the country love,
you must go to the place at least once if you plan a visit to Dharamshaala. The
memorial is constructed between the green pine trees that hail in the lap of Himachal.
Now days, also there are some café and restaurants as this place is gradually
gaining popularity. The best time to visit the memorial is in the summers, as
in this period the cool breeze will keep you calm. Though in winters it becomes
too cold for the visitors coming from plain to handle it. 

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3.       Kangra
valley: the very famous Kangra valley is home to Masrur temple and is
located in the Himalayas of Punjab. It is the best place to be visited in Dharamshaala
and is widely appreciated by worldwide tourists. The regional language in this
place is Kangri and is very soft spoken. Dominantly it lies in the lap of Himachal
Pradesh and the eminent town of Dharamshaala. Dharamshaala is very well
connected to all the cities with the railways, roadways and airways. It is one
of the picturesque valleys in the lesser Himalayas. This amazing valley is
homed by Dhauladhar range encircled by the lush greenery all around which
proves to be the ideal destination for the photographers and the painters as
well. There are many Hindutemples around like Jwala Devi Temple, Sankatmochan
Temple, Baijnath Temple.As you look up, the green fringes merge with the snow-clad mountains and as
your eyes shift downwards, the vast panorama of the Kangra valley embraces you. With the passage of the time, the art and craft has also developed
to a larger extent. The exclusively designed shawls and the miniature paintings
of Kangraare very famous all over India. All in all it is the best tourist
place to be visited and is visited by the tourists across the country.

4.       Jwalamukhi
temple:Jwalamukhi temple is most famous temple that is visited by a
number of devotes, from the locals and the outsiders too. According to some
mythological stories in Hindu history, Sati’s tongue fell down at this place
and the goddess is manifest as blue flames that burn through fissures in an old
rock.Jwalamukhi temple is the temple of goddess of light.  There is no as such any idol and the deity of
flaming mouth is worshipped at this temple. There is a small platform in the
front where there is a huge bell of brass that was presented by the king of
Nepal. The temple has a magical diagram of goddess that is enwrapped with
shawls and ornaments. The atmosphere of the place is very pious and pure as the
aarti keeps on going 5 times a day and the havan is organized once in a day.
There is a lady in the temple that is believed to have the powers that she can any
wish and desire of the pilgrims. All the way long far from the temple, the
devotees, come to the temple by singing the song in the honor of the holy
goddess. During Navaratri, two major fairs are organized that increase the
beauty of the place.