10 what if your man doesn’t feel anything

Warning Signs That Signify Your Man Doesn’t Feel Anything Special About You

on what you need to know if your man doesn’t feel anything special about you.

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Love is the most wonderful
feeling. But what if your man doesn’t feel anything special about you? What are
you going to do? Comparatively, if you feel something is wrong with your
relationship. If, you feel something has changed. Probably you need to observe
on your partner’s behavior.

In this article, you will find 10
warning signs that indicate your man doesn’t feel anything special for you. In
the event that you observed any of these signs are present in your relationship.
By all means better let him go. There is no reason to hold on to a relationship
that has no future.

Listed below are the following
signs that may help you determine whether your man is still in love with you. Read


#1. He doesn’t care for you

If your partner doesn’t care for
you anymore, then perhaps he is in love with someone else. In most cases, move
on. Find something to get busy with and thus forget him.

 #2 His mind is always preoccupied with

Seemingly, your partner’s mind always
wanders away even if you are together. In that case, leave him alone and enjoy
your single blessedness.

#3 Putting all the blame on you.

 Under this circumstance, you need to take a
stand. Don’t allow your partner to manipulate you. Find a way to break free of
that toxic relationship.

#4 Building walls

Awkward moments are always in your
midst, despite your effort to communicate. Then, it is a sign that you are
already estranged.

#5 Always making alibis

Given that he is always out for an
overtime, business trip, etc. and would not want to go out with you. Then, it
is pretty obvious that he doesn’t feel anything for you at all.

#6 Doesn’t show any support

He is always hot tempered when you
ask him to do something for you. He never even asks how your work is. If,
everything you do is always wrong then, it is a sign to pack your bags and
leave him.

 #7 Doesn’t include you in his future plan.

Perhaps he lost interest in you
and doesn’t want to grow old with you either.

#8 Jealousy is no longer in his

He doesn’t care where or who you
have gone out with. Girl, it is a sign that he doesn’t feel anything special
for you anymore.

#9 Lack of intimacy

Frequency of your love-making drops
and he doesn’t even caress nor touch you. This suggests that he is already
sleeping with someone else.

#10 Disrespect you

Seriously, if he no longer respects
you; if he is always bad mouthing you; then leave immediately. That kind of
relationship is already toxic. You will be miserable for the rest of your life
if you stay.


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