Investigating electromagnetic induction

The aim of this experiment is to investigate the factors that caused electromagnetic induction in coil. The other aim is to determine and analyze the effect of the number of windings affect the current induced. This can be shown by the results that were conducted from this experiment. From the hypothesis, more number of windings, more current induced by the formula where B is magnetic field strength, N the number of windings, I is current, and L is the length. From the procedures that made the way to do this experiment.We made ten trials for north push in and pull out and souths push in and south pull out. There were two distances 10 cm and 15 cm.

There were four turns to 300, 600, 1200, and 3600 number of windings. Observer and record the data about current induced in each number of windings and find the changes. Put the results in table after that. From the results, more number of windings of solenoid bigger current induced. From our results, there were a lot of current that is being reduced the value from distance 10 cm and 15 cm.

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more vertical distance, less current induced than less vertical distance. This result was affected by air resistance. There was some loss in current that change our result. The results obtained shows that as the number of windings is increased, the magnetic field induced will also increase in magnitude.

It also shows that pushing in the magnet bar will generate a greater amount of current compared to pulling out the magnet. The results however, are somehow quite inaccurate as there were possibly some biases in the data gathered due to the small difference in the height drop.The difficulties that were encountered in conducting this experiment are releasing or push in the magnets through the solenoid. Sometimes, the position will not push into solenoid, sometimes miss in pushing in and touch the hand (injured). The other was reading the ampere meter. The accuracy of reading the current was not perfect.

Sometimes, our eyes make a mistake in reading the current. The other was the possibilities of error in producing the results. The decimal place in ampere meter cannot be shown and it will improve our results.My suggestion in conducting experiment is to change the better and modern ampere meter and learning how to read the ampere meter.

Other suggestion is to use safety hand equipment for avoiding injured when the magnets push in to solenoid. For making the results perfect, maybe more trials should be done to make the accuracy and results better. For this suggestion, maybe can improve a lot and for better results in doing this kind of experiment and for avoiding some errors too.