is an atheist nation, a group of people who
consider themselves not practising any religions activities. Some dominant religion are
Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Protestantism and Catholicism (Cheyanne,2017).

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is a multi-ethic nation, has total of 56 ethnic group. The Han are the largest ethnic
group  which representing 91.59 % of
country’s population. Unlike, 8.41 % of country’s population belong to 55
minorities. The minorities are distributed throughout China. Especially in Southwest,
Northwest and Northeast region ( Sawe,2017).



china, students require to complete 9 years of compulsion education from age 6
to age 14. Most people spend six years in primary education and three years in
junior secondary education. The tuition is funded by government. After completing
compulsory education, students can choose whether to continue with senior
secondary education which usually take another three years. Students must take
a public examination called Zhongkao in order to entrance senior secondary
school ( Economic Co-operation and Development, 2016).


latest data in 2015 demonstrate the literary rate had over 96.36 % in China.

These people who have ability to read and write ( Statista, n,d). Additionally,
the competition rate for primary education for China was 98.3 % and the primary
to secondary transition rate as high as 99.8 % 
( UNESCO-UIS, 2017).