Since I was young, I was exposed to the way that the world of business works in my everyday life , My parents run a small business and of course I was a small helper. I am highly interested in gaining the necessary skills.

 After completing my diploma studies on management in the Management and Science University I began to understand more about the business industry and that it is evolving. The business management aspect has really attracted me the most. I believe that in order to become successful in this field, I need an academic understanding, motivation, creativity, and hard work in order to flourish and thrive. Each business is different, and effective leadership is the first step in determining what the business needs.

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From my 4 months of internship program at UTC Aerospace Systems, Malaysia, I have gained substantial knowledge about the operations of the company, especially how to manage myself and to find solutions in every problems that I encountered. I also learned that for every problem there is a solution even if it is a difficult problem. The company I worked in has offered me opportunity to learn and develop myself in various areas for Customer Service Industry. Various tasks and activities were given to me and I have managed to complete them during my internship period. This experience has given me a chance to identify which areas I want to explore when I complete my studies. I came to realise that communicating with people has become my passion. As a bonus, I also had the experienced in managing the operation team which requires lots of patience and virtue.

After much consideration, I have chosen the University of Portsmouth to continue my degree studies. I am aware that the University have an excellent reputation for quality teaching and sustained, high levels of student satisfaction. Other than that, I will have the access to fantastic facilities in a vibrant city campus on the beautiful South Coast.