The car business in New Zealand(NZ)
supplies a market which has dependably had one of the world’s most elevated
auto proprietorship proportions. In the mid of 2000s,80% of family units had
minimum one auto and rest had at least two autos for their transportation. In
2006 17% of Auckland family had more than three cars and heading out to work, occasions,
shopping and so on (Cars and the motor industry, n.d).In 2015 New Zealand total
vehicle ownership was raised 3.9 million.(Environmental
health indicators New Zealand EHINZ,2015).The progress in vehicle
proportion increase the employment opportunities in automotive sector.
According to Mito automotive survey 2016,2.4% of NZ jobs was in automotive
sector that is about 57,068 employees and NZ automotive industry contribution
to NZ Gross domestic product (GDP) was 1.7% of NZ total GDP.

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Job satisfaction of employees are the
main reason for the growth of an industry. Job satisfaction is defined as the likeness
of a worker towards job. Occupation
fulfilment is a standout amongst the most essential however questionable issues
in mechanical Psychology and behavioural administration in association
(Mishra,2013). According to Dawal, Taha & Ismail (2008), there are many
factors like remuneration, age, environmental factors and so on affect the job
satisfaction of a worker.

In this research study, how the job
satisfaction of employee affects the growth of New Zealand Automotive industry
will be evaluated. This research will also consider factors affecting job
satisfaction and how to maximise worker performance analysing these factors. Researcher
can understand about problems currently affecting the employee job satisfaction
in New Zealand automotive Industry from this research.

Research Question

Employees are the foundation of any
organisation. They are the most valuable resource among all
the advantage of any association. Job fulfilment is a piece of worker life fulfilment.