1?At frame the English North America. In the

the moment when European came to America, they found that Indian societies have
many features. For example, Indian are not just one kind, there are many kinds
of Indians. They are in different tribes in America. Moreover, they also have
their own ethnic groups, languages and political systems. Otherwise, they also
have different lifestyles. For instance, th ey have different tools and skills
to make living such as fishing and hunting. Otherwise, the things that they use
to trade are not same among their ethnic groups and tribes.

people and indentured servants. There were many reasons that why the people
chose to emigrate to North America from England in seventeenth century. Firstly,
they gave up their freedom in that specific time in order to go to North
America. Because they believed American land can return their freedom. In
general, the most important reason that they emigrate to America was England
was during the depression in economics. Also they wanted to find a new place to
start a new life and make more money.

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with the South, the slave improvement in New England was much slower. Because
of less expensive pay rates, workers were much effectively enlisted than slaves.
At that point the number of inhabitants in slaves began to increment in the
South. Also, slaves in the Spain’s American domain had more capable specialist
than different slaves, who were frame the English North America. In the Spain’s
American domain, slaves could acquire their own properties and exercise their
rights to get their freedom. In any case, slaves in the North needed to comply
with the law without human rights. To sum up, the population of slaves and the authority
were one of the greatest difference between New England and the South.

4?The African
American identity was no right and freedom at that moment. At that time, they
were a kind of property or tools that can help the slave owner. Although the
slaves were from different groups and places, they still wanted to against the
slavery. Slavery made them feel extremely horrible. The freedom was the most
significant thing that they want to get. Slave rebellions made the rule to
salves more cruel and strict.

thoughts and issues influenced the social classes. At that time, many colonists
wanted to be in the high-level social class. They thought everyone was equal
except slaves. Moreover, there was no one in the highest social class to
control this society. And there was no threaten from a low social class to high
social class. The new ideas of liberty brought this effect to social classes.
And these things had influenced on customs, political, racial roles and so on.

people in Pennsylvania was against independence at that time. Because they were
worried about breaking the relationship with Britain. Moreover, they also
worried about the new rules which brought bad effects to them. At that time,
extralegal committees created a new group that strongly wanted to independence.
There was a new constitution in Pennsylvania. For example, the tuition fees
became lower, abolished governor and so on.

thought a country cannot be existed without a constitution. Otherwise, a
country need a powerful government. So that the country would be a major force
in the world. Moreover, they thought the constitution only limit the government,
not for people. Also, Federalists believed constitution can split the essential
power to three parts. In this way, the three branches can be balanced and one
of them cannot get too much power. Furthermore, constitution provide a mechanisms
which can check and limit other branches.


War of 1812 is recognized as a generally minor clash in the United States and
Britain, it poses a potential threat for Canadians and for Native Americans,
who consider it to be a definitive defining moment in their losing battle to
represent themselves. Otherwise, the reason of the war was Britain wanted to
limit the United State trade in the world. During the war, U.S cost too much
and lost to Britain, Canada and Native American.

that time, a lot of immigrants had a very low-rated wage job. On the other
hand, the jobs that they did were American did not want to do. It is just
because the low-rate wage. For example, they built railroads, servants and so
on. Also some immigrants came to America for the freedom, political and

Martin Van Buren thought political
parties were a desirable element of public life because it could help votes to
supervise the authority. He also trusted that political party would be
essential in order to have control on the general population who had the power.
More importantly, Martin Van Buren leaded people walk into a new political era.

The differences of gang labor and task
labor were about what they need to do. They had different crop to plant and
different size to plant. Moreover, the working system were different too. For
instance, gang labor required their families to work with them in the field.
And gang labor had to be watched by others while they were working. Task labor
were a little easier than gang labor, if they finished the work that they were
given, they could free to go.

The antebellum women joined in the
public sphere, and they also joined the abolition movement argument. They
realized that women’s rights were also significant to their lives. At that
time, the society was filled by “everyone should be treated equally.’ Women
began to think that they should fight for their rights. Women should be same as
African American, to fight for their rights.

 America began to concern about the importance
of global economics. International trade will help the economy to grow.
American tried to persuade Japan to open their ports for American. In this way,
it helped Japan and America to grow their economy and bump up their GDP. Japan
became one of the most important business partner of America in Asia.
California were producing much gold and it could use anywhere in this world.
International business could help America to make more value.

The original intention of Civil War was
to protect South. Because at that time there was secession in the South. In
order to solve this problem, slavery had to be abolished. That was also the
reason why there was secession in the South. President Lincoln gave the South
the last chance which was surrendered or abolished slavery in 1862. But the
South refused to surrender. Finally, Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. 

After the Civil War, the whites used
“Black Code” to limit African-American rights and freedom. The “Black Code”
meant African-American could work but they were paid with a low-rate wages.
Moreover, African-American even could not allowed to vote. After America
abolished slavery, they also wanted to seek the freedom as same as the whites.
They wanted to do what they wanted to do, go to school, have families,
religious liberty and so on. But they found they couldn’t. The whites only
allowed them to have liberty to work.