2.3 from asteroids can be used as construction


3  ASTEROID MINING  to make stainless steel also. Asteroid mining isextraction of raw materials of different types of minerals from asteroid andobjects near earth .  Minerals mined from asteroids can be used as constructionmaterial in space  , or can be broughtback to earth and used here .

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    There are many minerals available on asteroids which canbe mined or extracted from asteroids by mining , which include minerals likeiridium , gold, silver, palladium, osmium, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium,and tungsten. Minerals like iron, cobalt, molybdenum,nickel, manganese, titanium and aluminum are brought back to earth forconstruction purpose. ASTEROIDSELECTION Asteroid near earth are most likely to be mined early.

their low velocity makes them most suitable for mining or extracting minerals.Mostly used as construction materials, greatly reducing the cost oftransporting supplies to earth. multiple type of asteroids have been found andcategorized into 3 types which are C-type, S-type and M-type asteroid  C-type:- Asteroids having high water content in them,which currently is not used for mining but can be used as exploration effortbeyond the asteroid.

C-type asteroids also contain lot of organic carbon,phosphorus and other key ingredients for fertilizers which can be used forgrowing food crops. S-type:- They have little water content in them butcontain numerous metal like nickel, cobalt and also more valuable metals likegold, platinum and rhodium. they look more attractive due to metals in them. asmall 10- meters S-type asteroid contains about 650,000 kg of metal in which50kg are rare metals such as platinum and gold. M- type:- They are rare but contain 10 times more metalsthen S-type. The 3 most useful and abundant metals iron, nickel andcobalt are formed in asteroids near earth. These ingredients are usedAstrominer       ·       Asteroid miner :- The minerwhich we have disigned can be used for mining . After mining the minerals theyare purifed or fertilized and it can be used further for construction or anyother purpose.

 Asteroid driller  ·       Asteroid driller :- Thedrill present in the minner drills the asteroids to the deepest or on thesurface . The drill is connected to another rod which has camers . The cameraswill help the operator to guide the drill      Magnticwalls, Suction pipe,Storage column, fertilizing column.  ·       Magnetic walls:- The magnetic wall opensduring drilling . The magnetic walls attracts the drilled minerals which contains different  metals . The properties of the metals on asteroidhelps the magnetic walls to attract them. ·       Suction pipe :- The pipe sucks the rawminerals from magnetic column and sends for further functions ·       Fertilizing column :- The raw minerals suckedfrom the suction pipe are  sent  further for fertilization in fertilizingcolumn .

The fertilizer separates different metals or minerals from freshlymined raw materials . the ready metals or minerals can used for multiplereasons .  ·       Storage column :- The freshly fertilizedmetals or minerals are stored in storage column . The metals can be removedfrom column and used for multiple purpose .