the Cosmological arguments are able to overcome the Taxicab problem and The Gap
Problem by applying Principle of Sufficient Reason. This ultimate conclusion of
the universe and existence inescapably leads to the existence of God.  If an internally consistent model of God can
be made, meaning a being that is omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence: God
not only must exist, he already does and always has for anything that can be
fully comprehended and defined through information is totally equivalent to
anything that we know to exist. Now, what causes a model to be processed
compared to one that can simply exist? The answer is something capable of
comprehending that process and running the math through each step. We see this
in computers all the time. The human mind is also capable of comprehending
mathematical processes and finding the conclusions, but we are incapable of
running a continual process that can continue forever but a computer could if
it could stay on forever. We and everything around us is a mathematical process
(a model of information) currently being processed and this is how we are
experiencing time, otherwise we and every moment of our existence would simply
just exist with unrealized potential. What is processing us and everything
around us? God of course. What’s processing God, himself. Truth and information
doesn’t need a computer to exist, they simply do and any potential anything
exists in every moment of time in one, including God.