Chess is more than just a game, chess provides a unique
perspective of life. We want to teach children not only how to become good
players, but also how to take a strategic approach to life’s challenges.
Whether you win or not chess is always a fun game.

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This course will teach children the benefits of chess, where
they will have the opportunity to become part of the processes starting from:
designing and 3D printing their board and chess figures to programing their own
‘chess robot’. This approaches children with programming, and the sense of
‘thinking’ of a computer, as well as the shortcomings compared to human

Chess as a logical game, develops the memory and improves
the concentration of children, which will further help them enhance their
intelligence and behavior in any other science they become part of.
Furthermore, it provokes imagination and encourages children to become
inventors through combinations that they need to construct.

What are
the outcomes of this course?

Children will be understanding their own inner strength,
which will be manifested in academic performances and will help them reach
their potential in math and science.

Moreover, children will be rivaling many aspects of Chess
such as:

-Teaches independence – helps them take decisions influenced
only by their own judgments and foresee outcomes of their action

– It develops the capability to think before they act/speak
– teaching them constructed thought and observation. No matter how smart
children are, if they don’t focus on what is happening they cannot respond to

– Inspires self-motivation and teaches them the countless
possibilities towards progress

– Helping them to foresee countless opportunities in a small
board, involving countless calculating length continuity and learning about
different patterns which would help them in problem-solving processes.

– Teaching them to program and 3D design their chess games
to further develop ‘act-alone’ chess robot, using an intelligent system and
provide more entertainment