He loathe people for no other reason than they just rub him the wrong way. Sarcasm is something he excels at whilesneers are his default.  He has bullied others, because he knowwhat it feels like to be in their position.At times, He can be wronglyjudgmental and is a bastard nearly always. Nothing people say affect him, because whatever you thinkof him, he had already thought about it himself. But he forgive just as easily as he condemns. He has developed patienceby enduring circumstances out of his control.He has learned to be gentle, no longer hiding behind harsh words of those determined to light flameto the already burned out candle.He is still distrustful of others, but has grownto appreciate the company of the fewwho understands that he’s grown comfortable,comfortable enough with himself tojoke about his experiences.After all what is your night worthwithout a story to tell? “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” – The ChautauquanI will consider the daughters.For daughters are orphaned because their mother’s dream wasn’t them. They had no dreamsI will consider the fathers. For the sons, who will never learn how to play catch.They smoke cigarettes under the bleachers instead.I mourn the offsprings of parents who refuse to take responsibility for what they made. For abandoning a life who will never grow. For considered them like grass, while others see them as lilies.I saw the biological relations of my generation destroyed.For parents who don’t have make time for their kids because they are too “troubled” Not considering that they are like that because they never had the time to teach their children to love and growSo they grew.They grew to hate the people around them for no reason other than “People sucks”How I mourn parents.For they will never see their children grow like trees in a forest where there is no one around to hear them make a sound.