International best practice – Data, Infrastructure, Governance etc. – key attributes Federal Government mandateBudget provisionData managed as a strategic asset, nationallySupport downstream processing (machine readability, common core and extensibility, open formats, standards, interoperability etc) AccessibilityRe-usable data (i.e. for multiple research projects)Open data (publicly available data, structured for full discoverability and use by end users)  – as in US Gov Open Data PolicyPublic: “a presumption in favor of openness to the extent permitted by law and subject to privacy, confidentiality, security, or other valid restrictions”Open licensing: no restrictions on use Fine grained: published in primary form as collected at the source made available at finest granularity permissible by lawTimeliness: made available as quickly as necessary to retain its value Standardisation: standardisation of processes, datasets, platforms and interfaces.Transparency: the availability of comprehensive and comparable information. “Easy access to information encourages and supports consumer and professional decision-making. Informed choice has a positive impact on innovation, service development and the evolution of standards.”Shareability of results: transparency and innovationAttributeComponentMeaning/SignificanceGovernmentMandateA national level mandate from the highest authority is considered to be necessary for effective collection, retention, use of data.Budget provisionProvision has to be made in the budget explicitly for government, industry,  and non-government bodies to make data available StrategicManaged as a national assetTreated as a national economic resource that has value beyond primary collection at source.Support for downstream processingMachine readabilityOpen formatsStandardisationExtensibilityInteroperabilityAccessibilityRe-useabilityOpen dataPublic availabilityTo the extent permitted by law, data should be made available publicly subject to privacy, confidentiality, security restrictions.Open licensingFine grainedTimelinessStandardisationTransparencyShareabilityTransparencyInnovationSecuritySecure accessPrivacy