1.     Bob Dylan said that “for starters, folk music was considered junky, second rate and only released on small labels.” “Someone like myself would never be allowed in except under extraordinary circumstances” What was the extraordinary circumstances for Dylan at that time?

2.     Why did John give Dylan the opportunity?

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3.     Dylan said “It wasn’t money or love that I was looking for” then what was he looking for then?

4.     In Bob Dylan Chronicles, how was the folk music described? What was the situation of American music in the late 1950s?


The extraordinary circumstances for Dylan at that time would possibly be he met Jon Hammond, the great talent scout and discoverer of artists. He didn’t follow academism music styles. He had vision, foresight and the ability of finding true talented people like Dylan. The reason why John gave Dylan the opportunity might be he had felt and seen the thoughts in Dylan’s songs. John sensed the long line of traditional blues, jazz and folk, rather that some “newfangled wunderkind”

Dylan went far away from home and entered a totally unfamiliar city. He was probably scared and unsure. However, he was there to find the singers he adored, who he had only heard on record. He was there to search for a stage to achieve his dream of music. To find someone that will appreciate and recognize his work and talent.

Folk music was related to drugs and not accepted by many people. Bob Dylan had great talents on many forms of music, such as blues, jazz, and also the folk music. At that time, American music was not as active. It was quiet in the music field and there was no popular music stars as well. Bob Dylan caught the chance and made up the hole of American music at that time.