3a. pinnacle of their architecture, the aqueduct. Another

3a. The Romans had quite a bit of achievement throughout their history. The main achievement that is still used today in most countries is Roman Architecture. The Romans made significant leaps an bound in architecture. Their most brilliant inventions with architecture are most likely their roads, their arches, and the pinnacle of their architecture, the aqueduct.

Another achievement that Rome was known for is their arts, which include literature, theatre, and art. Examples of these include satire, which is a loud and sarcastic method of comical theatre. Their literature that included works such as Virgil’s Aeneid. Their art included amazingly realistic statues, lavished jewelry, and mosaics.

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3b. Religion played a huge part in Roman society, throughout its time as one of the greatest countries/cities/ empires of the world Rome conquered many places. Each place had its own beliefs and gods –I say, godS because monotheism wasn’t really a thing until the rise of Christianity and Judaism-. When Rome annexed another city or country they absorbed the gods of that society. That saying, throughout the Roman Empire’s history it was mostly polytheistic society, which is the belief in many gods. In the beginning, Romans thought that the gods and spirits that they worshiped were always watching them. There’s really nothing else I can find on the topic so, dock my grade for this question then.

3c. There are many theories to which Rome fell, some are more concrete than others but, others are more plausible than the ones that are more concrete. Such an example of why Rome fell is that Rome fell because of the skyrocketing amount of battle that the Roman Legions were losing to the Germanic barbarians. Another is that the government was extremely corrupt. An example of that corruption is the emperor’s personal bodyguards or Praetorians, these guards could be bought off to kill an emperor in order to install a new one. The last theory I’ll be talking about now is Rome’s economical dilemmas and Roman’s overuse of slave labor. Rome was in constant states of war, which is not good for the bank situation because of overspending the Roman government had to increase taxation which didn’t sit well with the rich people. Those rich people moved out of the city just to escape the taxman.  When Rome’s expansion stopped so did the influx of new slaves, which their economy needed, which put them into even more of a hole than what they were already were digging.