I am writing this letter to support Ms. Alqassir’s application
for your School of Pharmacy. I
am an internal medicine hospitalist working at Lima Memorial Hospital where Ms.

Alqassir shadowed. I was introduced to Ms. Alqassir in October of 2017 when she
began shadowing several days a week. During that time, she presented herself professionally
and deemed dependable.

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Ms. Alqassir was
an asset while shadowing. She accompanied me on my rounds where she became
familiarized with the status and needs of the patients. She has a motivation
and interest in learning, along with a warm attitude with patients. She was
always cheerful and offered her time to assist with any task. Ms. Alqassir
brought positive energy and determination every day she spent with us. Patients
looked forward to seeing her and found her to be a good listener. She has a great
passion to work with people and help others.


Ms. Alqassir’s
attributes include a great attitude, dedication, and desire for working with
other’s. I am certain she will work hard and be devoted to an education of
Pharmacy. I highly recommend her to your program of pharmacy where she will apply
her many notable qualities.