To concludethe films and other visual material discussed so far have collectivelyexplained how film making can affect contemporary way of thinking and theanticipations of future societies.

The Truman Shown succumbs to the doubts ofenforcing a human in a fake televised world, in Orwell’s novel the actions reprisedby a totalitarian society can either be opposed or followed. It takes one manto change the course of humanity. The film reality on the one hand looks at how”Italy being engrossed by rituals and spectacles” (Dargis, M.

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(2017).  watches one man, dreams tobig that eventually disseminate the world of media. Debord and Adorno andHorkheimer explore how theoretically man is consumed in media through theircultural studies. Thesis 33 of Debords theory encloses how ‘man’ is theproduct, “the closer he becomes his own creation the more drastically is he cutfrom that life”.

(Debord, G. and Knabb, K. (1994). Critical theorists Adornoand Horkheimer more so use the term ‘product’ to identify how “the cultureindustry as a whole has moulded men as a type unfailingly reproduced in everyproduct”. (Adorno, T. & Horkheimer, M.

(1944): ultimately the result inthese movies is to effectively mass communicate, make humanity aware of thedelegations subsided within televised media, more importantly not be ‘cut’ offfrom the very nature of ‘reality’.