The hound of the baskervilles

Holmes also hints that he must have been in danger a lot. What has happened so far? Holmes has solved the case but he needs more evidence so he gets detective Lestrade they are waiting outside Merripit house. They know who is trying to kill sir Henry and they know when he will strike so they are sitting waiting so that they can kill the hound and arrest Stapleton. The Setting They are out side Merripit house late at night they are on cold dank moorland. The heavy fog creates a dismal mysterious atmosphere. It says the fog was heavy so this might have impaired their vision. Why is this episode significant?

This is the final episode, this episode dictates if sir Henry is going to live or die. This is the action part of the book. This book is where you have to read each line twice to make sure you don’t miss anything. This episode is when is attacked by this supposed almost Faustian dog I say Faustian because it’s almost dragging the souls of its victims to hell for eternal damnation (or hell whatever you want to call it). But what we also have to keep in mind is that they have a new character in this book detective Lestrade. He is almost the nai?? ve in this case with only what Holmes has told him.

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We still have to remember that Watson is still narrating I think this is so that at this point we get an inside view of how the group feels. The Authors Use Of Language The author set the novel in his own time rather then in the past he also set Holmes and Watson as high members of society Watson as doctor and Holmes as a respected detective of highly spoken skills. (1887, when Sherlock Holmes was first introduced to the world, in an adventure entitled A Study in Scarlet). The language is quite old to a modern reader because the authors use of language is not only set in I different time but is quite refined:

“I HAVE in my pocket a manuscript,” The word order is old fashioned. Today most people would say: “In my pocket I have a book” Also there are other examples of words that today you don’t hear often. Manuscript Monograph Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle was a doctor so I think he based Watson on him self to try and add a sense of realistic reaction because in the books although Holmes is an incredible character. He has been lead by stereotype. Holmes is this character that always is right. You never read of Holmes being corrected by Watson.

Arthur Conan Doyle did make this character almost all knowing so he has to have this vice this need to escape so he writes this almost perfect character with opium addiction as well as being eccentric. I think its so that Holmes does not seem like he is above us all. My Personal Opinion In my personal opinion the book is almost to predictable we already know who has done it by half way through the book. The movie was almost a completely different story. We never learn of what happens to Mr Stapleton only that he could be dead. In my opinion out of 1-10 it gets five skull and crossbones.