Personal development

This assignment will be about my self-evaluation about my personal development over the course of this semester, I will also be talking about my interpersonal skills and every other skills that I have which is important in this interactive working world that we live in. I will be talking about my strengths and weaknesses, how I can further improve my skills and further improve on my weaknesses. I will reflect back on how I acquired these skills and why I became the person I am now. I will also reflect back at the seminar activities that I have done and comment about how it helped me and whether I will find them useful to use in the future and how I can use them.

Main Body I think interpersonal skills are the most important skill that anyone can have & should have to be successful. This skill is how people judge one another and it will be the deciding factor when getting your dream job. I consider myself as a person who definitely works below my potential, I can be very lazy at times and I am always a last minute person in completing my tasks, at the beginning of the semester I have done a exercise in seminar called the ‘Procrastination test’, my score was 1.9, so according to the test I had a strong tendency to procrastinate and work below my potential, I think this result is very accurate, I have slightly improved over the course of the semester, but not anywhere near what I can really achieve. There are many reasons for this, I consider myself as a perfectionist. When I’m doing something I have to do it perfect, therefore I waste a lot of time thinking about how I can do it perfect instead of really doing it, therefore most of the times I end up not doing it at all.

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I also start doing a lot of things at once, therefore I fell demoralised and never start doing it (because the work load becomes to much). I also think that I am a rebel, daydreamer, and priority inventor, but the bottom line is I am lazy, so anything I can do to avoid doing work I do it (except when the stress of the deadline gets to me). I am fully aware of this weakness I have, and this weakness gets me frustrated, for many years I have been trying to improve it with little success, but I know I am improving, but not by a lot, I still am a time waster. I can improve this habit of mine by learning to motivate myself.

I am unique in a way that is different to most other people, I consider myself as very intelligent, over my study life I have always achieved what I needed to, and impressed my teachers with the minimum effort, therefore when I am given a task to do I only do it when I enjoy it or when I have to do it (because I am confident that I can achieve a pass even when I do things at the very last minute- even if it takes to learn the whole semesters work in one night), that is why I don’t like to do assignment, I like and I tend to be more successful at exams.

To do assignments requires more effort and less fun, whereas to revise for exams if less of an effort and more fun, I enjoy learning new things, ( there were times where I achieved the highest mark compared to others, even though I put in the least effort). I consider this approach a weakness and I haven’t really improved in this, I can be much more successful and achieve in more areas if I can learn to organise myself. I think I will work much harder at the second year of university because I know the grades count when I graduate.

Now let me tell you what I have really improved in over the course of the semester, my communication skills, actually I have improved in this field incredibly for the past 1 year (ever since I started university). I have achieved this because I knew that I had to do it because I had realised that it was the most important skill that you can have and I knew I was lacking it greatly. I am also unable to concentrate at what people say if it does not interest me, therefore I had trouble mixing up with most of the people. I knew I had to learn to concentrate and improve my listening skills in order to be successful. I have improved on this skill this year and now more things are becoming more interesting, I am more successful at some of the things, I think people around me can realise the changes I am going through.

The other really important improvement that I have made is that I am less lazy, I am wasting less time, and using more time in more useful ways, I am achieving this because as I realise how much time I wasting, I’m automatically pushed to working harder, at first its hard and I’m trying to resist it, but there is a constant improvement, even if the rate is small. The other task that we had done at the seminar was on cognitive style, this exercise showed us what kind of a learner we were and what best way we can learn was (learning strategy), In this exercise I’ve found that I am a moderate reflective, intuitive, visual, and strong global learner, I think these results were accurate in explaining correctly what I was like.

I am someone who likes to think a lot, I can also say that I am a really open minded person, I am also a fast learner, but I tend to learn things which interest me more, and I also learn the things which I see very necessary, therefore I concentrate more and learn more. While I’m learning I am easily distracted and tend to try and learn more things at once, therefore at first it will seem like I am going nowhere and that I’m useless, but if I continue at the process of learning and practice, everything suddenly clicks, when this happens I usually do things much better compared to most others.

My time management skills are really poor, I regularly make plans and schedules and to-do lists, but when the time comes to do the task I find it really hard to start and to do those things, I think this happens because I was always so lazy and I didn’t had so much workload before, therefore I find it hard to change myself to the more workload, I find it really hard to do stuff especially if it seems it will take a long time to do, I am beginning to realise that I can do tasks if I break them into little pieces, for example instead of trying to do an assignment at one go, I can try to do it 30 minutes per day, this way it seems more manageable, but first I need to learn to work harder. I am working much harder now then I was before this semester, I feel that I have been enlightened and I have made up my mind on what I want to achieve in my life. This enlightenment happened about a year ago.

I am not spontaneous, and cannot work spontaneously, I always I always feel like I go one step forward and one step backward, its like a cycle, this is because I always push myself hard to achieve something, and when I start working hard, I can not keep that state because it is to hard for me to keep working hard so I go back to my lazy self after a period, but I never give up, I get stronger steadily but the cycle never ends. I think I have gained some valuable experience for the Interpersonal skill’s module, the most useful ones being the group work & presentation activities, I am now more confident about working in a group and performing presentations, I have also improved my communication skills with people and when talking to a group.

What I value most in life is learning, I like to think of myself as knowing nothing, because I don’t know much, and there are so much stuff to learn and so many areas to improve on. My ultimate goal in life is to learn and implement everything that there is to learn, this is what I am aiming for in the future and this is why I am studying at university ( so that I can get more enlightened), Learning about studies is only a small part of what I want to learn, I want to learn about how the world work, why people act the way they do, what influences people, basically I want to study at the “university of life”, this is a task I never will stop doing no matter how old I get and I will always search for the ultimate truth, I have no specific plans at the moment as to what I will do when I graduate, I think I will do something which will help me further learn.

The kind of work that I want to get into once I finish studying has to be something creative, challenging and will have to teach me qualities which I find very important, also it should give me very valuable experience to make me a better person. I am currently working at Waitrose as a part timer, I am planning to change this job and work as a part-time waiter or bartender, I think these jobs will be very challenging and will further improve my communication skills.

I believe that first impression counts and it is really important when getting a job, but before you can get the chance to give a first impression to the employer you will first need to be able to see him. CV is very important in order to be given that chance; you will need to have a good written CV. In order to write the highest quality CV you will need to acquire another form of interpersonal skills, this is called writing skill, nowadays it is very important as businesses and people are becoming more and more are connected by electronic communication and there are now more long distance business relationships which means that the use of e-mails are inevitable.

My written communication skills are not really good, this is probably because I have always ran away from doing high quality assignment and also because my English is not very good. I came to this country about 8 years ago. I believe that in order to acquire any skills, first you will need to practice it, there is no way you can learn how to speak or write properly and correctly just by reading things, the process of trial ; error is very important. The only skill that you can learn without practice is to think right and make correct decisions about what you want to do in life, this is influenced by your family and how you were brought up.