The Crucible

Of all the souls I signed away, none are left. None of them were guilty of witchcraft. They only confessed to save their name, and they died for it! This morning I saw true pride and faith in Rebecca, Elizabeth and John Proctor. Rebecca and John rest in heaven now knowing that they have told the truth. My heart goes out to Elizabeth and those boys today. I beg forgiveness from those lives I have taken and their families. This is a ghost town in which I stay. The stench of rotting crops is lingering. That smell will stay with me till my dying day. It is the smell of death in Salem.

No good man is left here only those who condemned seventy-two victims. They are victims of deceit and corruption, love and hate. The people who condemned them have signed their treaty to the Devil. The only evil in this town is the evil that people brought upon themselves to believe that innocent covenants were part of this scandal. I am one of those people! A harlot’s cry has ended and destroyed lives, and God damn that child if she pleas to any kind of innocence again! Her name is as black as soot in the eyes of the Lord. If my life was to be taken to save the lives of Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor then it should have been.

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They were as good as you could get. Parris and Abigail have always struck me false, but who am I to judge? The only judge is God, and soon everyone will meet his or her judgement day. I would give anything to see the day when Abigail Williams meets hers. As for Salem, I hope it can rebuild its society. I am not staying around to see if it does. At dawn today, I saw the last executions of the Salem witch trials take place, and that is something I will never forget, I will never forgive myself for not doing more to save the innocent souls of those who have been affected by this tragedy.

This whole thing was a tragedy… Not long after the fever died, Parris was voted from office, walked out on the highroad, and was never heard of again. The legend has it that Abigail turned up later as a prostitute in Boston. Twenty years after the last execution, the government awarded compensation to the victims still living, and to the families of the dead. However, it is evident that some people still were unwilling to admit their total guilt, and also that the factionalism was still alive, for some beneficiaries were actually not victims at all, but informers.

Elizabeth Proctor married again, four years after Proctor’s death. In solemn meeting, the congregation rescinded the excommunications – this in March 1712. But they did so upon orders of the government. The jury, however, wrote a statement praying forgiveness of all who had suffered. Certain farms which had belonged to the victims were left to ruin, and for more than a century no one would buy them or live on them. To all intents and purposes, the power of theocracy in Massachusetts was broken.