Time and a chance

After finishing each advert and listening to our final cut we were very happy with the results. However come a few days later when showing it to an audience such as friends and family we believed it might not be as effective as we hoped. Firstly with our REM advert we were happy with the sound levels, the placements of when we spoke and the editing, as it sounded fluent and worked well. However listening to it carefully the information we tried to put across to the audience could have been better.

For example nothing important was repeated, the main point of where you can get the tickets from did not sound as clear as we hoped so this lead to people not remembering much about when, where or how to see REM. Also a lot of people pointed out that the voices did not sound enthusiastic and that did not help in catching or keeping people’s attention. With our Suffolk Show advert again we were happy with the sound levels and the theme that we used but the information we tried to put across to the audience also let us down.We didn’t put in a telephone number or address so people would have to research up where it was. We didn’t repeat any important information and towards the end the music seemed to stop before we stopped talking so that didn’t sound as good as we hoped.

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However people did say that they liked the advert and could remember some information given because of the farm theme that we used. Again a lot of people pointed out about one the voices not sounding enthusiastic enough to justify the theme of the advert.Lastly our Elvis Tribute advert was probably the most difficult out of the three to make because we wanted to edit together 4-5 Elvis tracks. We were happy with the results of that but again could have made the content better for example repeating important information. This advert did sound a lot lower than our other two adverts but overall we were happy with the sound levels between voice and music. Just as with the other two adverts people pointed out about how one the voice was low and not very enthusiastic.

Overall we are not disappointed with our adverts but if we were given more time and a chance to redo them, there would be a few points we could improve on. The first main point we would re-think is what information we put in. We usually make a list of what we need to state in each advert before making our advert and then write the script out during making our advert. Therefore we would need to pay more attention to our list, to make sure everything is included and maybe write down what needs to be repeated etc…

Another point we would need to consider is the voice we use for our adverts as most people said the voice we used did not suit our advert themes. Therefore we should consider whether it should be male or female, how enthusiastic it should sound, the pace of it etc…