I have a dream is a speechwritten by Martin Luther King Jr. about the unfair treatment of AfricanAmericans in the United States of America.

Given in 1963, King received theNobel Peace Prize the following year for not only his well-known speech, butalso for his extreme amount of activism prior to the March on Washington. Mostcommonly known today for his i have a dream speech, many do not know about hissignificant roles as the official spokesperson and protest leader of theMontgomery Bus Boycott, and co-founder of the Southern Christian LeadershipConference where he traveled the country to deliver speeches of the importanceof nonviolent protest. Becoming one of the most well-known civil rights activists,king, along with many civil rights and religious groups, organized the March onWashington where he would deliver his i have a dream speech in front of roughly250,000 people. The speech, and the march at which it occurred, was significantfor a variety of reasons.

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His famous speech allowed many to open their eyes tothe social injustices that were occurring. As a preacher, Dr. King was deeplyfamiliar with these threads of meaning and used them to great effect. Itoffered commitment to resistance with alternative options and grantingGod-given rights, human dignity, and strength for all, regardless of race,religion, or color.  It offeredinsight that the world was not perfect, but could be moved in the rightdirection of which he dreamed.  It wasone in which all God’s children, regardless of skin color, our brothers andsisters were all created equal before the law and entitled to equalopportunity, and can live together in harmony. It renewed the call to all Americans to live up to the ideals of socialjustice and equality expressed in their founding documents, and to enforce theGod-given civil rights which the Constitution already guaranteed againstgovernment intrusion, protecting the minority against the majority.