Wanna be like you

The director uses many camera techniques in “Wanna be like you”. When the son goes to meet his father in prison the camera fades from the son to the bad guy and then back to the son. This shows that something is going to happen or they have planned something. There is use of a Low Angle Shot from the grave when the son is buried. This shows how it feels to be inside a grave and also maybe how it feels like to die. There is also use of editing as a form of flashbacks. There is a flashback of the son and the father hands that appears in the start of the advert and is edited during the final part when the son is in the coffin.

There are also a few camera techniques used by the director in “New Boys”. There is an “Over the shoulder shot” in the Establishing Shot and also a lot of close ups. There is use of slow motion when the boys are skimming stones in the water. The use of slow motion catches the event of the skimming stones but also reveals the joy and excitement the boys are feeling. This makes the audience feel nostalgic and look back at the days they were kids and had fun. It would make them phone because they wouldn’t want to make their children lose this kind of fun due to the violence.

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In both advertisements there are images of bonding between the characters. In “Wanna be like you” it is about a relationship between the father and the son. To show the relationship the director makes the father and the son hold hands to show a bond. In “New Boys” there is a relationship between the two boys. A scene in the advert is deliberately directed so a green marble representing Catholicism and a Protestant badge represented by orange is bonded with two chewing gums. The chewing gums represents the bond as it is sticky and shows that the two boys from different traditions are closely related.

In the end of “Wanna be like you” there is a contrast between the words of the music and the scene. When the son is buried the lyrics say “gonna have a good time then”. This shows no sympathy probably due to the actions that the father and the son were involved in. Both advert use different styles to get their message across. The message of “Wanna be like you” is “gonna have a good time then”. It means that if you want to have a good time then you should refrain from the activities from the advert.

In “New Boys” the massage is “respecting another tradition doesn’t mean losing your own”. Both adverts have different styles of getting their message across to persuade people to phone the RUC. Both adverts were successful in the short term as they both achieved a significant number of phone calls. But their aim was to stop the violence, which had been carrying on for centuries in Ulster, and this wasn’t achieved. This is because violence and fighting still taking place during the present time. So during the long term the adverts were not successful.