Soft drinks

The leaflet that I am going to write about is a pizza shop. In this leaflet I am going to describe how the writing is laid out and how it is structured and the way the company has tried to capture the attention of the reader. Also I am going to say about the colours he has chosen in various places.

The name of this leaflet is ‘PIZZA FRESCO’. I am going to start by describing the main page. The title is in bold and huge writing so the reader will catch the name on the first glimpse at the leaflet it is also eye catching. Also the writer uses different font sizes so only the main writing his big so that means the big writing is more useful than the small writing. For example the title is extra large and the writing which tells you the opening hours is smaller and then when he says the phone number it is bold and bigger than the opening hours. This shows that the writer just wants to catch your eye where it is bold and a bigger font size.

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The writer has also chosen different types of colours for the background so the leaflet looks more attractive to the reader’s eye. Overall the background colour is light green but in the opening hours section he uses red and when he describes the special meals he uses dark green this is because the different colours from the background show you that these parts are special and they are bits which are not to be missed. Also when he introduces you to the leaflet he changes the colour of the writing to green. He also changes the colour of the things that he would want to be sticking out for example when he says “Pizza of the week”. He does this because every time he is speaking of a new thing he changes its colour so the reader won’t be confused and can read what bits he wants and the bits he doesn’t.

When you open the leaflet the writer has split the menu into three parts of different pizzas he does this so the reader knows which section he wants to go also it makes the leaflet look more organised. The first is only cheese and tomato with no meat. The writer puts this in a separate section so people that don’t like meat and vegetarian go for this one. The second is ham and a topping. This shows that this section is for people who are not vegetarians.

The third is vegetarians with no meat and any topping of your choice. This one is only for people who are vegetarians and this one was the one with the most offers which shows that this shop is trying to attract more vegetarians than non vegetarians. All three different pizzas can be brought in three different sizes which are nine, twelve and fifteen inches. The bigger the pizza the more expensive it is. This shows that the writer is advertising for singles and families. Also in each section the writer has just wrote the price once on the top of which section which implies that all the pizzas in that section are the same price. This shows that he wanted to emphasize that all the pizzas in that section are all the same price.

Then on the right side of the leaflet is bold title with a dark green background called salads. This is because all those people that want salads will see it straight away as it is very big and eye catching. In this section you can buy different types of salad that you want and you can choose what type of dressing you want on your salad. Also this shop offers you various amounts of different salads which show’s that it is advertising for vegetarians.

At the bottom of the page is also a picture which is dark green and has a few sprinkles of white in it. The picture shows different type of toppings you can put in your pizza. The toppings have been enlarged so you cannot say what topping is what. Also the picture is not to clear so this is not good because usually the picture plays a big role in a leaflet. The picture is not attractive and is very blurry.

The back of the leaflet it gives you the side orders which are other type of foods which is not pizza. So this shows you that the shop sells other things beside pizzas but they have called these side orders because the main thin they are advertising is pizzas. Then it gives you deserts and in deserts there is different type of things you will enjoy eating for example ice cream. Also the deserts title is in bold to show that its deserts and that if you want a desert you will look in this section. Then it gives you drinks it also sells alcohol and water and soft drinks. This has a variety of drinks which shows that all type of people will come in like people on a diet, people who are alcoholic and those people that drink soft drinks.

The next two titles are in red which shows that these two titles must be important. The next title is extra toppings which are if you want to put more toppings on your pizza then you can put it, but you will have to pay for according to how big your pizza is. This shows that you can decorate the pizza the way you want and also the writing is very small because the writer wants to say a lot here. The last title on the page is special conditions which are if you want a sale on your alcohol when you order it then you will have to buy a meal which has to be more than seven pound forty five pence. Also you have to be over eighteen to buy alcohol. Also this is in very small writing. The writer changes his colour for this so this means that it is important and that you have to read this before you buy anything.