They say – Younever pay for your first peg of alcohol. The first alcohol bill is always onsomeone who took you to the bar. When you start out drinking, you feelvictorious, happy, relaxed and on top of the world.

The pleasurable effects areplenty. What you don’t realize it, your body eventually has to pay for all thealcohol that you’ve been having. Alcohol targets each part of your body that itreaches and harms them.·       Itburns the mouth and throat as it travels down, might become carcinogenic onheavy consumption.·       Itblocks the absorption of vitamins in the stomach as well as the intestines,causes ulcers too.

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·       Itcauses hemorrhagic pancreatitis to the pancreas.·       Itweakens the heart muscles and as a result your organs are somewhat deprived ofblood.·       Itmakes you stroke prone. ·       Ittakes a toll on your liver as liver gets damaged from breaking down alcohol.

·       Itclots the red blood cells, depriving your body tissues of oxygen and affectsthe white blood cells too.·       Itinflames the urinary bladder lining causing it to swell and hence renalfailure.·       Itdepresses the brain centers, affects the motor skills and memory, even causingcoma.Whereas alcoholaddiction can cause such harms, its withdrawal symptoms are plenty too. Aperson trying to quit alcohol suffers from anxiety issues, nervousness, highBP, sweating, nausea and lots more. Some extreme cases of withdrawal might evenlead to seizures and hallucinations.

Alcohol isnot body friendly. While it pleases your emotions, it destroys your bodythereby. Science could not still explain hangovers properly, which isdangerous. Alcohol is poison and it can finally cause the deadly cancer.

Unfortunatelyif you or your near ones are dependent on this poison, seek immediate help.