The Buddha of Suburbia

Maris is an author who wrote “On Being a Cripple”. She is an unfortunate person because she is a cripple caused by disease. Additionally, she feels disability to change the fact on her. However, she doesn’t feel disappointed and sad about she is a cripple, on the contrary, she is willing to be a normal person, for example, she can work, study, shop, get married and whatever she wants to do. Regarding to the story ‘On Being Cripple’, it mentioned “Though never any good at sports, I was (am) a normally active child and young adult.

I climbed trees, played hopscotch, jumped rope, skated, swam, rode my bicycle, sailed” (385). She will do any things she wants; she doesn’t mind that she is a cripple. Furthermore, she is not afraid of getting hurt and she doesn’t want other people to help her too much because she wants other people treat her like normal people. As a result, she has to work very hard to achieve her goal, and she will become a strong and confident person. Fortunately, there are many people and services that make her life easier.

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Regarding to the story ‘On Being a Cripple’, it mentioned ” I may find it easier than other cripples to amuse myself because I live propped by the acceptance and the assistance and, sometimes, the amusement of those around me. Grocery clerks tear my checks out of my checkbook for me, and sales clerks find chairs to put into dressing rooms when I want to try on clothes (387)… But I’ve been limping along for ten years now, and so far George and the children are still at my left elbow, holding tight” (388). She is pleased that most people give her a hand which makes her to believe she is not the worst in the world.

Additionally, that will make her to have more confidence to face problems. On the other hand, she accepts what she is, and she doesn’t complain it to anybody because she knows something will never be changed. Regarding to the story ‘On Being a Cripple’, it said “A friend who also has MS startled me once by asking, “Do you ever say to yourself, ‘Why me, Lord? ‘” No, Michael, I don’t,” I told him, “because whenever I try, the only response I can think of is ‘Why not? ‘”(391). As a result, she believes everything is set already. She can’t change it and the only way to make her happy is to accept it.

Regarding to these two characters in their situation, we can see how they face their problems, even thought they feel disability to achieve it. They both try very hard to please every one to accept them. Besides, they will not give up until they used all the energy and skills which means they always do their best on everything. I learned one thing after I read these two stories. I believe if something will never be changed, such as, race, gender, and culture etc, then I have to accept it. Otherwise, if something that can be changed, I will put more effort and try my best to attempt to receive a better result.