An Essay on Liz Locheads The Choosing

Liz lochead’s “The Choosing” is the reflection of a young woman on her past. She includes many events of her life in this poem which we can relate to in our own lives. This makes us realize how our past is so very similar to hers. The aim of this essay is to explore how Liz Lochead does this and also what lies beneath the surface of “The Choosing”. The poem begins by detailing one of the narrator’s fondest memories of her friend: “We were first equal Mary and I With the same coloured ribbons in mouse coloured-hair And with equal shyness, We curtseyed to the lady councillor

For copies of Collins’ Children’s Classics. First equal, equally proud. ” Notice how right at the start we feel as if we are hearing a story from the narrator. The first verse also shows us how close Mary and the narrator really are. There are also alliterations of the “c” sound. This may suggest repeated actions as the Lady Councillor piled them with books. By bringing up nostalgic memories, the narrator makes us start to find similarities in our own experiences. Verse two of the poem continues on the narrator’s reflection: “Best friends too Mary and I A common bond in being cleverest (equal)

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In out small school’s small class. ” The words “Mary and I” are again repeated which enforces the idea that at this point in their lives they are still the best of friends. The poem at this stage is also written in the style of a young child. For example a word in brackets at the end of a sentence is common in the writing of young children. The words “small school’s small class” is an alliteration emphasizing that however proud she was when she received the awards, it was only a minute achievement. Verse two is a continuation of verse one in the sense that she continues to reflect on her memories.