The opening scene

At the end Eric told inspector what he did to Eva smith. He met Daisy Renton in the place bar in November 1911. Eric was a bit drunk and went back to her lodgings, but he can’t remember what happens. He meets her again 2 weeks later. Then she finds out she’s pregnant. He gave her about 50 he did steal from his father office. Eric was affair on Daisy Renton. He makes her pregnant. The name of the inspector is “Goole.” This name sounds exactly the same as a ghost name. At the end of the play they find out that the inspector is not a real inspector. So if his not a real inspector and his name come from ghosts it makes you think that the inspector is maybe a ghost.

This makes him very mysterious. They way the inspector enters the Birling house he makes it very mysterious as well. He enters the house when Mr. Birling giving out a big speech to Gerald and Eric. The speech is about how a man needs to look after him self and his and own and not thinking about other people. During that speech the inspector disturbs him and enters the house. He is a man in fifties. Inspector he doesn’t need to be big man but he creates at once an impression of massiveness, solidity and purposefulness. Inspector dresses in a plain darkish suit of the period. He speaks carefully, weightily and has a disconcerting habit of looking hard to people be addresses before actually speaking. He is an average size. The inspector name is a ghoul is a kind of ghost or phantom. He seems to appear from no where.

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At the end of the play the inspector says a very big speech to the Birlings. This speech he said is. “But just remember this. One Eva Smith is gone but there are millions and millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths still left with us, with their lives, their hopes and fears, their suffering and chance of happiness, all intertwined with our lives, and what we think and say and do. We don’t live alone. We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other. And I tell you that the time will soon come when, if men will not learn that lesson, then they will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish. Good night. This speech sums up the whole theme of the play which is social responsibilities and not only thinking about your self.

This last speech he says we need to be responsible for each other. We don’t live alone. We are member of one body. If you don’t clam yourself then it will end up with war, fighting etc… The message J.B Priestly is trying to give to the audience that rich families are not all good they also make mistakes and they need to learn from it and also he wants the audience to know that we are responsible for each other.

The opening scene

In the opening scene the characters are in dining-room and having a dinner-party. The dining-room of a fairly large suburban house, it belongs to a rich and upper class family. It has good solid furniture of the period. The dining-table centre of the dining-room in downstage during Act one, and then swinging back, can reveal the fireplace for Act two. On Act three the dining-table and its chairs will remove from downstage to upstage. The lighting of the opening scene should be nice yellow and intimate until the inspector arrives, and than it should be brighter and harder.

In the opening scene four Birlings and Gerald are seated around at the table and discussing Sheila’s engagement with Gerald. The Birling family were having a dinner-party in the opening scene. The characters they were pleased with themselves. Arthur Birling is seated at one end of the table. His wife was seated at other end. Eric was seated at downstage, and Sheila and Gerald were seated at upstage.

Edna was cleaning the table and putting the champagne glass, plates etc… and than replacing them with decanter of port, cigar box and cigarettes. Men are wearing a tails and white ties, not dinner clothes. Arthur Birling wearing smart clothed during the opening scene. He is middle fifties with fairly easy manner. His wife is about fifty, a rather cold women and her husband social superior. Sheila is a pretty girl in her early twenties. Sheila was wearing smart clothes during the opening scene.

She is lady of leisure, very pleased with her life and rather excited. Gerald Croft is good-looking is an attractive cheap about thirty. He is fashionable, easy-going and polite, easy well bred young man-about town. He was wearing smart clothes. He only cares about looks. Eric Birling is an early twenty, not quiet at ease; he is half shy, half assertive. At that moment of the opening scene they all were celebrating a special occasion, and are pleased with them.

The closing scene

In the closing scene the dining-table moves from downstage to upstage. The characters were split up. They were standing in their own. Arthur Birling was on the telephone. Sybil Birling was quiet near by the Arthur Birling so as Gerald Croft. Sheila Birling and Eric Birling were next to the door. Inspector Goole ask lots of question to the characters about Eva smith/ Daisy Renton suicide. That time the characters begin to unhappy. By That time they are not pleased with themselves anymore. They are all worried and upset with what they have done. Arthur Birling, Sybil Birling, and Gerald Croft they are not feeling that responsible with what just happen.

They were thinking about themselves. They just worrying about what will happen to them. Sheila and Eric they were disappoint with themselves what they have done. And they are feeling really upset about Eva smith/Daisy Renton. The Inspector also shows that Eric is guilty of what he has done he admits what the Inspector says. Eric also feels guilty of what he has done. At the end the play, Gerald, Arthur and Sybil were relieve that the inspector was not a real inspector, but Sheila and Eric still believed that what had happened did not change the fact that they had caused so much misery in someone’s life.

An inspector calls the play was written and performed in 1945 and the play set in the spring 1912. Between the setting of the play and the writing of the play, many events happened which J.B. Priestly had lived through, but his characters knew nothing about. The play was set only a few days before the Titanic set out on its disastrous voyage. Mr. Birling refers to the titanic as, “Unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable.” At that time this ship was considered the height of modern technology. Only a few days later, the Titanic sank.

World War one began in 1914, only two years after the play is set. The Birlings do not believe there will be a war. Mr. Birling said, “I say there isn’t a chance of war.” World War Two started in 1939 and finished in 1945. When Mr. Birling is talking about the future, he refers to Eric giving an engagement party to his daughter. At that time an upper class person to marry a member of the lower class women. Married women could only effectively limit her family by no longer having a sexual relationship with her husband. Wealthy man, both married and single, frequently used poor working class girls for sexual gratification. Single wealthy man used poor working class girls for sex because wealthy female women were either heavily chaperoned or certainly highly reluctant to change in pre-marital sex.

Many working class women become prostitutes in order to survive: their wages from work barely covered the cost of food, let alone clothes or shelter. The context affects the audience watching the play that how the middle class and upper class treat working class. The message in the closing scene that inspector says we don’t live alone and we’re member of one body. The inspector says this message when he left the Birling house. The audience also effect by watching it that it was very hard life to live if you where part of the lower class.

Priestly end the play with a tension. They find out that the inspector Goole is not a real inspector. They are all worried because he knows all the Birlings secrets and that is what he does. The characters they were all split up. They were standing in their own. At the end their was a telephone ring and the Arthur Birling answered the phone and find out that a girl has just died on her way to the infirmary after swallowing some disinfectant, And also said that the police inspector is on his way here to ask some questions. At that time they were feeling guiltily and surprised.

The effect of the ending on the audience is shocked when a girl who just commit suicide and she’d swallowed a lot of strong disinfectant. The audience feels sad for Eva smith because she don’t have any relative to help her from commit suicide. I think the tension in this end of the play is built up an up right to the part where the inspector leaves. I think that the ending was most effective because that time the characters begin to feel upset and worried. At the end of the day, characters are all to blame for the death of Eva smith. End of the play shows me that how rich people treat with poor people. But the final thing I would say would be that ‘everyone is responsible for each other.’