Play by William Shakespeare

Explore Shakespeare’s presentation of Richard III in his play Richard III By Dominique Baptiste Throughout this play by William Shakespeare, Richard III has been portrayed to have several fai?? ades. He has a charming, witty, intelligent, manipulative, confident and charismatic personality. Shakespeare uses his own wit to concuss this character.

He is driven by his own excessive motivation for power which he shows to us with his ambition to take control of the throne. Shakespeare presents Richard as the stereo typical anti hero, which is common in his plays. However, Richards’s behaviour may be a product of Tudor propaganda. We, as the audience are fooled and find it hard to distinguish who or what Richard really is.

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His true personality never surfaces, therefore as the audience we are unsure if you like or dislike Richard even if we hold nothing but contempt for him. The first face of Richard is his low self-esteem, at the beginning of the play: “Dogs back at me as I halt by them” This makes us feel sad for him as we believe he is depressed by his physical appearance, as he believe that not even dogs can bear his “hideous” looks.

He refers to himself as deformed, as he was born premature: “Deformed, unfinished, sent before my time” Richard believes he is an outcast from society and also believes that other people can do things that he cannot: “But I, that am not shaped for sportive tricks” By this he is referring to his inadequate physical appearance and body. He does not help his own self-esteem, however he does put himself down as he thinks negatively.

This dives him to become a villain. Shakespeare presents him as a crippled man with a hunched back. He explains to the audience that is deformity does not allow him be a “lover” and would have to get noticed another way: “Since I cannot prove a lover, I am determined to prove a villain” The above quotation shows how false he is when it later seduces Lady Anne in the play. Richard’s looks and villainous behaviour means that he has no true love interest not even after he marries Lady Anne.