Dracula and the female characters

Another representation of Dracula is when he is a lover. When Dracula is a lover, his appearance, the music and the colours totally change. Dracula is dressed in a smart gentlemen’s suit and his representation is as a beautiful prince. His facial features are blue glasses, long curly hair, a moustache, clean shaven and fair skinned. Mina is dressed in red and her hair is loose like the vampire women. The denotation of red is a color and the connotation is love. Mina is the reason Dracula came to England from Transylvania, to love and reclaim the one women who he every loved in his life, Mina.

When they are having dinner, Dracula looks into Mina’s eyes and sees champagne. They’re both drunk on love and also on each other. There is a close-up on the champagne particles. The movements of the characters are almost in slow motion and the editing is blurred. The director has done this because he wants to show that Dracula’s view is explicit. The music is also very important in this scene as it shows what mood the characters are in. At the beginning of the scene, the music is harmonious.

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Mina begins to tell the tale of how Dracula transformed into a beast and described everything about Dracula’s castle as if she’d seen it before. As she starts to talk about the castle, the music changes into the dark, low pitched Dracula music as they are thinking about Dracula’s home. Dracula stays calm and controls himself not turning into a vampire. He does this the first time when he meets Mina in the cinema. When Mina finishes talking about the castle, mina cries a tear. As her tear drops from her eye, Dracula catches it and turns her tears into diamonds.

The scene finishes with a close- up on Mina’s eyes to show emotion and love. This scene has a major effect on the audience as this is the first time they see Dracula as some-one who is not evil. This differs hugely from the traditional view of Dracula. In horror films, women are most commonly the victims and always rely on men to save them which is also one of the plots in this movie. However, there is one key scene where the women aren’t the victims but the seducers. When Jonathan stays round Dracula’s castle, he explores the massive, evil mansion and finds a room where he hears seductive voices.

He hears Lucy’s seductive voice saying things like, ” come Jonathan, lay down”. As Jonathan isn’t realising that he is in Dracula’s castle, he does what Lucy’s voice tells him to do and lies down on quite a big bed. Then, three vampire women appear from out of the bed. They seduce Jonathan. One of the Dracula women had her hair like medusa to represent their inner- selves as evil and dark women. One of the vampire women also looked like Mina. This might have been one of the reasons why Jonathan didn’t do anything while he was being seduced.

As they are seducing Jonathan, Dracula appears out of nowhere then uses his powers to get rid of the women. He joins two of the vampire women’s bodies together. Dracula then brings a baby for the vampire women. They do the unthinkable and eat the baby. This shows the women aren’t human as a mother or a woman would never do anything so cruel to a baby. The scene ends with Dracula laughing. In conclusion, I think the director has made the choices of different characters representations to express how that individual character feels at times.

I think this is for the women aswell. For example, when Dracula sees Mina, he sees love and when Dracula sees Lucy, he feels lust. This is also to inform the audience about what sort of character the person is and to get the audience more involved. The director also added extra and different things to make his version of Dracula Stand out over any other versions. Bearing in mind, this movie isn’t only horror, there is love included also in it which is different from other horror/ vampire films.