Greek tragedy

Eddie is determined to get Catherine to realize that Rodolpho is just a homosexual he forgets about his own wife- Beatrice. Beatrice realizes more and more that the relationship between her and her husband aren’t close anymore. She even says ‘When am I gonna be a wife again Eddie? ‘ this indicates that they haven’t been intimate for a while. Beatrice also knows about Eddie’s attraction towards Catherine and therefore is jealous of her. Beatrice has a right to be jealous of Catherine because Eddie is her husband and Catherine is only a niece.

Although Beatrice keeps on at Eddie he shows no sign of guilt and is too deep in Catherine to realize his wife’s problems. Eddie takes too much interest in Catherine and takes his father role a bit too far. Beatrice tries to explain to Eddie about how Catherine is not a baby anymore and that she does not need constant looking after, she even has to tell this to Catherine herself who acts childish in front of Eddie without realizing. Beatrice wants the wedding to go ahead as she can finally get her husband back and Catherine can live happily somewhere else.

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In this next scene Eddie goes to Alfieri to discuss the relationship forming between Catherine and Rodolpho. ‘His eyes were like tunnels; my first thought was that he had committed a crime, but soon I saw it was only a passion that had moved into his body, like a stranger’ Alfieri says this when he first meets Eddie. Saying that Eddie’s eyes were like tunnels tells us that Eddie will lead up to only one ending and he cannot escape his fate. Eddie resorted to Alfieri so he could explain how Rodolpho is a con. He went to him thinking he would take his side but Alfieri knows Eddie’s flaw.

Eddie starts telling Alfieri how Rodolpho is a homosexual and basically like a girl ‘you wouldn’t be lookin’ for him, you be lookin’ for her’. We see a lot of Eddie’s possessiveness when he tells Alfieri that he wouldn’t like to think about Rodolpho laying his hands on Catherine. This comment over stepped the line and Alfieri could tell he had un-lawful feelings for his niece. At home Rodolpho starts dancing with Catherine and once again we can tell Eddie is fuming up as the stage direction tells us, ‘unconsciously twisting the newspaper’.

We then see Eddie intervene and say ‘if I could sing, if I could make dresses, I wouldn’t be on the water front’ he is trying to make the point that Rodolpho is homosexual, as before, his opinion is over looked. Marco decides to challenge Eddie to a strength test- who can lift a chair up by its leg with just one hand so he can show Eddie that although he may talk strongly, he cannot show it. Eddie fails but Marco does not, we see who is stronger. Therefore foreshadowing who will be stronger later on when Eddie is put on the spot.

As Eddie had implied so many times that Rodolpho just wants to get married in order to be an American citizen, she decides to confront Rodolpho. When asked, Rodolpho gets insulted and tells Catherine how he loves her but he still has to make a living and that he would like to stay in America as well. Catherine then goes to show that she is afraid of Eddie but she still adores him and starts talking about Eddie as a husband. Rodolpho compares Catherine to a caged bird. Eddie is the cage grasping on to the bird and holding it inside and Catherine as the bird who hasn’t had a chance to flutter her wings.

Catherine agrees to finally ‘fly’ when she says ‘teach me’, this is indicating that they will have sex. It’s not quite clear if they do have sex but as Rodolpho and Catherine were walking out of a bedroom Eddie automatically assumes they did. He is outraged and possessiveness has taken full control of him. He sees that Catherine is no longer pure; she has overcome that and matured. Eddie is fuming and also drunk leading him not to think properly. He ends up kissing Catherine and then Rodolpho. Eddie kisses him to show his manliness and how Rodolpho is homosexual.

This back lashed onto Eddie and just defined the love between Catherine and Rodolpho. Eddie is blinded with anger and jealousy and decides to call the immigration. He tells them that Rodolpho and Marco are living illegally at his house but he does not say his name and hangs up the phone. When Eddie goes home he has an argument with Beatrice revolving around Catherine. Beatrice argues that Eddie should let her go and that she is not a baby any longer. Eddie is still not giving up he tells Beatrice he will let her go one day.

Another two submarines come to live with Rodolpho and Marco upstairs; Eddie did not know this and starts realizing what he may put himself in as he originally wanted Marco and Rodolpho to be sent back to Italy but now two innocent others will also have to go back. When the immigration knocks at the door Catherine and Beatrice know who to blame. Eddie will know loose his respect which was very dear to him. Not only from his family but from the community as well. On the day of the wedding, Rodolpho decides to settle things and say sorry to Eddie as he fears what Marco might do to Eddie.

He also warns him to stay out of his way. But Eddie is defiant. He wants his name, and his respect back. This flaw creates the tragic death Eddie was always destined for. Eddie turns to stab Marco but Marco’s strength show once again and the knife is sent back in Eddie’s direction. At the time of his death Eddie says – ‘Oh, B! My B! ‘ This shows us however much Eddie was possessive over Catherine he thought about Beatrice in his last moments. Eddie constantly dominates Beatrice throughout the play, but in this tiny moment Eddie needs Beatrice more than she needs him.

It is the first time we hears that Eddie honestly needs Beatrice. This shows us that although Eddie gave Catherine the most attention he chose his last dying words for his wife and died in her arms. From the play format we can tell that Eddie is possessive over Catherine. This is shown through many different ways such as- language, actions, stage directions and emotions. Although protectiveness was shown at the start of the play his possessiveness grew as the love between Catherine and Rodolpho blossomed.

In my opinion Eddie was a man who would always be lead by his tragic flaw to do drastic things in order to fulfill that flaw. He would be lead by fate towards a death which could not be escaped, relating back to Arthur Millers objective; a Greek tragedy. Miller doesn’t blatantly show Eddie having feelings towards Catherine but he shows hidden meanings in the stage directions and slowly leading up to Eddie’s own actions. Arthur Miller uses the play format to show Eddie’s flaw ‘too much love,’ although he does want to portray Eddie as being the hero of the play.