Gatorade, CAT scans, and solar power. What do all of these have in common? Research. University research has produced multitudes of important inventions such as these. Many significant inventions were the result of the dedication and diligence of professors and students working at universities around the world. I personally wish to be part of university research because of my goal of discovering an innovation that advances humanity. Although I know that I will love my career (don’t we all) in civil engineering, research will allow me to explore different career options. Many of the projects in this program are environmental projects, participation in them might make me rethink my career choice and perhaps I might change my major or even double major in both civil and environmental engineering. Research would also allow me to network with others that are already in the field, and it will allow me to learn from the best, and (hopefully) acquire a mentor. It will allow me to meet someone who (like me) is reaching for higher ground. However, the most appealing part of research is the ability to make an impact and serve people. Helping people and improving lives is the greatest stipend that I can receive due to my involvement in research.  Being a freshman applying for a summer internship, I realize that statistically the odds are stacked against me, but I welcome the challenge, so I will apply anyway. If I am going to be a statistic, I might as well be in the one percent. My very successful first semester at the University of Buffalo, which resulted in me achieving a 4.0-grade point average, has supplied me the confidence to apply for this internship, and I think foreshadows the immense success that lays ahead. If I am accepted into a research program, the same hard work, energy, and diligence that I applied to attain my 4.0-grade point average, will be applied to every aspect of the program.