Consistent manners

When Pip describes Estella he says she is beautiful but self possessed. Pip demonstrates how memorised he is by her beauty by saying such things as “one and twenty, and a queen. ” This implies that despite her possesses qualities such as being pretty and rich she shows little respect to people often even more so if they are considered to below her class. She continually criticises Pip. This is contrast to the consistent manners of Pip despite him being considered lower class and Estella higher. She mentions how coarse Pips hands are, though this is only due to strenuous hard labour.

This idea of coarse hands could be an extended metaphor for the lower class and labourers. They symbolised his life, when older he would be expected to be an apprentice with Joe and in due course become a blacksmith himself. This may show why Dickens is outraged at the way society assumes who you will be even maybe before you are born. Estella also points our Pips common traits such as how he calls Knaves, Jacks. This leaves Pip almost ashamed of who he is and feeling he is not worthy for anyone. If this was to occur today I doubt a boy would continue to show the respect Pip did.

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This may be due to the message of equality in today’s society a boy would not feel obliged to continue to be polite in the manner. Soon after the introduction of Estella we are introduced to Mrs Havisham. The first impression you may draw from her is that she quite simply mad. Dickens gives as a steady flow of information that only helps but to confirm this impression. Such things as she wore her ancient wedding dress and never taken it off! As well as the fact she had completely isolated herself from the outside world so much so she wasn’t even aware of which day it was.

We later find out she has been left by her Fianci and she has never recovered from this traumatic experience. Due to the fact she was heartbroken she took very drastic measures to cut herself of from the rest of the world. This is explains the state of the Satis house and such lines as “I saw that the dress had been put upon the rounded figure of a woman, and that the figure upon which it hung loose, had shrunk to skin and bone” show that Satis house and Mr Havisham crumbled together. Her neglect is reflected upon the house.

Charles Dickens was effective in introducing the main characters by using descriptive language to create images of them and successfully chose settings to influence the reader’s emotions towards certain characters. Each character brought a new aspect to the story to enhance its grip on the reader and to make sure it engaged people from all backgrounds. My view of each character varied, young Pip who could only receive upmost sympathy in chapters 1 to 8. Magwitch caused fear and hatred, and Estella stimulates detest.

Whereas Mrs Havisham almost left the reader confused as to how to feel towards her. I think this novel has historical relevance to today as many people in our country have demonstrated with hard work and ambition it is possible to make a positive reputation. For example Sir Alan Sugar is well known successful business man who has build his business empire from scrap. This Demonstrates how much more accepting society is nowadays. So it is now possible for many people to have “Great Expectations. “