The Sherlock Holmes stories

Excitement is created when the reader finds out about the room that John Openshaw is not allowed into even though he has the freedom of the house, this is strange as the uncle locked himself inside the room when he went in and he would be sat in there with old boxes and papers, “he would never leave his room” this room must have something in it that Elias does not want John to see, this creates excitement as the reader knows that something is going to happen but what!There is a reoccurrence about this K.

K. K which has been found on the envelopes containing the orange pips, also this K.K. K has appeared on the brass box in which the paper were burnt by Elias Openshaw just before his accidental death. “the fire burning brightly ..

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. beside it” this box was found in the room that no one was allowed in. this creates excitement as the reader has no idea about what all these burnt papers are and what this K. K. K is all about. Excitement is created when the Openshaw family die of accidental deaths which Sherlock Holmes does not seem to think that these deaths are accidental after all. “the deaths of my relations were accidents”.

This excitement is created when the reader becomes to wander if the deaths are accidental if it has happened to the same family which have received the orange pips. In “the man with the twisted lip” the story offers excitement when the reader finds out about how rich Neville St Clair is, and how he spends his money buying a Villa,”he took a large villa” this shows how rich he was and that he had money to throw around which was uncommon in those days, this created excitement for the reader as for someone to be that rich was very unheard of in Victorian Britain.When the reader finally finds out that Neville St Clair was also the beggar and when he had all that money why would he want to pretend to be a beggar this is how the excitement is created in the finale of the story,”it is indeed the missing man”. When the reader reads the story “Speckled Band” there is a great amount of excitement as red herrings throw the reader of the trail of what has happened, especially when Holmes and Watson are inspecting the house of Dr Grimesby Roylott as he had possible clues like the safe that is supposed to be full of papers, “What’s in here…Business papers” this is what she thinks is in the safe but that is not the case this creates excitements as the reader thinks that the safe plays not part in the mystery.

The Sherlock Holmes stories have been written to give the optimum amount of excitement for the reader, Conan Doyle has used red herrings to throw the reader of the final conclusion and this cerates excitement as the reader is miss led, the excitement is created by the happenings in the stories such as reoccurrences and happenings which can’t be explained as this is the best way for Conan Doyle to create the excitement.Conan Doyle makes his detective stories different to other writers as he writes the stories to create the maximum amount of excitement fort he reader. The Victoria period creates the excitement as the reader would not have been able to relate to life in the Victorian times.