Present Pip’s feelings to the reader

In the very first paragraph, the reader is introduced to a very anxious and regretful Pip. His anxiety is show as he is counting down the day until he leaves for London; “As the six evenings had dwindled away to five, to four, to three, to two… ” The use of parallelism and listing in this sentence also highlights his anxiety. Also Pip’s anxiousness is point out with the use of the semantic field of time. Words like “six days”, “six evenings” and the phrase, “[days] were to have run out so slowly, had run out fast and were gone…

” – these quotations also support the idea that Pip is incredibly anxious. The second paragraph highlights Pip’s supposed guilt, when deciding whether to walk on his own or with Joe to the coach. “I had told Joe that I wished to walk away all alone”. This suggests he feels ashamed of Joe as Pip does not want to be seen with him. However throughout the paragraph language used, also suggests that guilt reigns over Pip for feeling ashamed of his dear friend, “[I] had an impulse upon me to go downstairs and entreat Joe to walk with me.

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” This quotation alone not only shows that Pip felt guilty about feeling ashamed of Joe but it also highlights Pip’s constant indecisiveness. The use of Victorian language also makes a firm point about Pip’s feelings; “I am afraid – sore afraid” – this also highlights that Pip feels guilty for being ashamed of Joe, as he says he is afraid of the “contrast there would be between [Pip] and Joe. ” The third paragraph in this extract shows the reader a lot of mixed feelings, including nervousness and tiredness.

The metaphor “All night there were coaches in my broken sleep” indicates to the reader that Pip has been ‘tossing and turning’ all night, which therefore implies he is feeling tired after getting little sleep and also he is nervous about travelling on a coach to go to London. The use of listing and parallelism also highlights Pips uncomfortable dream and thoughts; “now dogs, now cats, now pigs, now men… ” The language features in this quotation implies Pip feels pre-occupied with thoughts of London to sleep and it also supports the feelings of nervousness Pip is having.

Juxtaposition is also used in this paragraph; “Fantastic failures” suggests to the reader that Pip feels the journey to London may not be so successful and therefore highlights again Pip’s anxiety of the journey he is about to face. In the fourth paragraph, the use of repetition is used, “long after that, and long after”. Here this use of repetition shows how slowly time is passing and also shows that Pip is anxious due to him having to wait a long time. Also the use of onomatopoeia in ‘clinking’ suggests that pip is picking up little sounds and that also suggests that he is very anxious.

The use of parallelism and antithesis also highlights his anxiousness; “unlocking and unstrapping… locking and strapping”. The word ‘repeatedly’ is used at the beginning of this phrase and therefore also suggests he wants to keep himself busy to distract him from what is to come. The next paragraph also uses onomatopoeia; “scuffle” is used to show that he reluctant to leave, also suggesting that he is sad and upset about leaving for London. The semantic field of leaving is also used in the paragraph; “walked out”, “looking back” and “wave” are used to constantly remind us that Pip is to leave for London, and that it is unavoidable.