Looking at Proctor

At this point the audience may have a bad opinion against Proctor. They have heard that he’s mischief, and have no proof at this stage that he is as guilty as the rest. This creates confusion and tension, as the different characters all have different opinions of the villagers, this creates a sense of hate and unsure ness. Proctor treats Mary Warren in Act Three better than the previous scenes. This is because he wants her to speak the truth therefore he is being nice to her. In act two he’s was quite unrespectful towards her.

As soon as he sees her he grabs her by the cloak’ This shows a dark side to Proctor, that he has no respect for others. However during Act Three Proctor he acts differently towards her, a more gentle way with her, this is because Mary Warren is in a unstable situation with lots of pressure. ‘ Gently holding her chin up’ This shows Proctor to be selfish, this is because now he wants something from Mary, she is the only one who can help him therefore he is treating her better, this creates suspense and unsure ness of who Proctor and what Proctor really is.

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Mary acts as though Proctor does have power over her, when she is asked to faint. ‘ ( looking at Proctor) I -cannot faint now sir. ‘ This again shows the audience, that Mary is scared of Proctor. She looks up to Proctor when asked to faint. This shows she is scared of him and he’s got power over her. This creates tension as this innocent girl is put into a unstable situation. Proctors feelings and actions towards Abigail changes throughout scene three. He used to care a bit for her ‘ Abby I may think of you softly from time to time’ Proctor was not interested in Abigail although they spoke to each other.

However during Act Three Proctors feelings for Abigail became more strong, knowing that she was faking witchcraft, and was the reason why his wife was being convicted. He acts harshly towards Abigail: ‘ it is a whore’ Proctor speaks quite disrespectfully towards Abigail, by calling her and ‘ it’ this suggests that she means nothing and is so low and non important. This is because she is accusing Proctor of being the devils man. This shows Proctor to be a nasty man by resulting to calling Abigail nasty names. This makes the audience feel a sense of hate going on between Abigail and Proctor which then causes tension as he is accused of lechery.

Proctor decides to tell the court about his affair to show them what Abigail is really like. He feels like there is no other solution that he is prepared to give up his good name to save himself and his wife. ‘ I have made a bell of my honour! I have rung the doom of my good name.’ This creates drama as it creates more tension between the court and is another situation to be solved. Proctor forces Mary Warren to attend court to justify that the girls are lying and she was faking. Mary doesn’t particularly want to be in court, she is a young innocent girl who only wants the truth to be told but cant face the fight on her own, however Proctor is there on her side, but cant help her at this time. Causing tension between Mary and the girls, is the fact that its Mary’s word against theirs. The girls together are much stronger than Mary who fails to speak out for herself.

Mary: It were pretence sir Danforth; I cannot here you Proctor: It were pretence, she says Tension is built up as Abigail makes up stories to get herself out of trouble. She does this because she knows the truth is about to be found out. However Abigail cant give in now, because she will get into serious trouble for lying. So she continues the accusations against both Proctor and Mary and pretends Mary is hurting them through the spirits. She does this at a tense stage where Danforth is starting to realise the truth that Abigail is lying. Abigail makes this scene very dramatic, and like usual the girls follow her lead ‘I- I know not. A wind a cold wind has come ( her eyes falling on Mary)’.

Abigail is showing Mary that she is stronger than her and will not give in. Mary pleads to Abigail to stop ‘ ( terrified pleading) Abby stop it’ Throughout this scene, short sharp sentences are used and spoken by several different characters, this creates confusion and tension. When Abigail reacts in this way the other girls do the same, this shows that they are scared of her and are almost like over powered by her to do the same. They are scared, and don’t want to get in trouble so stick by Abigail.

They all join in and have there say ‘ Mercy: ( through shattering teeth) Mary, do you send this shadow on me’ This gives the audience a belief in the girls, that they really are being possessed by the devil. This is because so many of them are reacting to this devil and its powers, it would seem impossible for them to be lying and taking this matter so far. This also creates tension as the play is building up on several events. This also creates tension towards the audience as there not sure who is telling the truth and who is lying.

At the beginning of the scene people look up to Danforth as a very respectful and independent man. He is in his sixties and has a sense a good sense of humour and sophistication, however he doesn’t interfere with an exact loyalty to his position and his cause. ‘On his appearance silence falls’ Danforth is a very strong character and obeyed by all the local people. Giles: ‘ your excellency we mean no disrespect for-‘ Danforth: ‘ disrespect indeed!’

The villagers don’t want to upset Danforth as he is such an important person. He is the one making the decisions therefore people don’t want to get on the wrong side of him. When proctor enters to have his say about the accusations, Danforth is not easily persuaded by his speech. This shows he is a strong man and has his own opinions. Even though Proctor had brought his own evidence Danforth was not easily led by this. Danforth was also not easily led by Abigail’s performances. However he was confused.

Danforth: ‘ (wide- eyed) indeed ( pause. He is baffled by this) Danforth’s actions create tension, this is because he is hearing one thing from one person then another thing from another person, this creates confusion and you would think he would make a decision however he is taking this seriously and is not going to be persuaded so easily. This gives the audience an unsure feeling of what might happen next and what Danforth’s next actions will be.

Reverend Parris, who is the uncle of Abigail, is a very cold hearted man, who is not particularly liked round the village. Through scene 3 Reverend Parris acts very bluntly and is harsh towards the villagers Danforth: ‘ who is this man’ Parris: ‘ Giles Corey, sir, and a more contentious-‘ Giles ‘ I am asked the question I am old enough to answer it’ He is very interfering and hasn’t got a nice word to say about many people, he acts as if he owns the court, when he doesn’t. ‘ Beware this man, your excellency, this man is mischief’ He tries very hard to make matters worse and to stir trouble through the court scene, in every answer, he has something to say for it. Always causing tension ‘ they’ve come to overthrow the court sir’ Parris thinks he’s a very high man who should be shown a lot of respect when actually he’s not particularly liked.