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As the inspectors questioning progressed Eric then came out with another statement that was good proof that he was feeling very LUSTFUL (Act 3 Page 52). “I wasn’t in love with her or anything-I liked her-she was pretty and a good sport. ” Not only was Eric rather LUSTFUL he came in to the category of SLOTH as well. This is when Mr Birling was telling Eric that he was lazy and needed to grow up. (Act 2 Page 36) (Mr Birling) ” It’s about time that you learn some responsibility” Not only is he a part of LUST and SLOTH he is also part of GLUTONY too.Sheila makes a comment about her brothers excessive drinking, yet she is the only one in the family that knows about the problem that he has (Act 2 Page 32) (Sheila) “There are those who people who drink far too much and Eric’s one of them” Finally we move onto the role of the inspector in certain parts of the play he has proven to be omniscient. Examples of this are (Act 1 Page 23) This is just as the inspector is beginning to talk to Sheila about her involvement with Eva Smith and a quote that he exudes that he knows all.

(Sheila) “So am I to blame”(Inspector) “No not entirely. A good deal happened to her after that. But your partly top blame just as your father is” Then later on whilst he is speaking to Gerald he gives off an air that lets us know that he knows nearly everything about what has happened. (Act 2 Page 33) “At the end of last year, this girl Eva Smith had to leave milwards because Miss Birling compelled them to discharge her, and then she stopped being Eva Smith and changed her name to Daisy Renton, with other ideas. Mr Croft when exactly did you first get to know her?” Then he goes on to speak to Mrs Birling and the fact that he knows about where she works and the association that she is a member of also gives me an indication that he knows what he is talking about. (Act 2 Page 42) “Mrs Birling you’re a member-a prominent member of the Brumley women’s charity organisation aren’t you? ” Mrs Birling agrees with his statement, he then goes on to say, “There was a meeting of the interviewing committee only two weeks ago” She says nothing “You know very well there was Mrs Birling you were in the chair”They carry on with their conversation until the inspector comes out with another piece of information (Act 2 Page 43) “You will remember that Mr Croft told us quite truthfully- he hasn’t seen her since last September.

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But Mrs Birling spoke to her only two weeks ago” Those were just a few examples of many in which the inspector shows that he is omniscient. However there is also another side to him, one in which he shows us that he can be a moral instructor. Some of the best quotes that he makes are: – 1. (Act 1 Page 15)This is when Mr Birling is telling the inspector about when he sacked Eva Smith one of his best workers because she asked for a pay rise. (Mr Birling) “Rubbish, well if you don’t come down sharply on some of these people they’d soon be asking for the world” (Inspector) “yes they might, but after all it’s better to ask for the world than to take it” Shortly after this he tries to explain to Sheila that not all people can afford to live an easy care free life as the one that she has many of them are hard up and can barely afford to live. (Act 1 Page 20).

“I’ve often thought that it would do us all a bit of good if we sometimes tried to put ourselves in the place of these young women counting their pennies in their dingy little back bedrooms. ” But there is one quotation, perhaps the best in the whole play, one of which foretells tragic consequences (Act 3 Page 56) “One Eva Smith has gone, but there are millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths still left with us, with their lives, their hopes and their fears, their suffering and chances of happiness, all intertwined with our lives, and what we think and say and do. We don’t live alone.We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other. And I tell you that the time will soon come when, if man will not learn this lesson then they will be taught it in blood, fire and anguish.

” By this the inspector is referring to the 1st world war where thousands upon thousands of innocent lives were taken due to the fact that the society of the world is so selfish, he was trying to explain to us that if we do not learn that we are all as equal as one another no matter what are social background may be, then wars will keep on happening and more innocent lives will be lost.I think that Priestley wanted us to learn that as long as we continue to be like that of Arthur Birling then it is inevitable that the wars will never cease. As long as we fail to notice all the evil and hatred going on around us it is never going to stop. He wants us to know that no matter who you are, where your from or what your social class maybe there is no person in the world worth anymore than the next and that is what we all need to realise within our own hearts.