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Hobson is cross because he didn’t know it was for his daughters’ marriages, but it was to pay for falling into the Beenstock’s cellar, where he breaks open some bags and has to pay a fee of trespass. The money goes to Alice and Vicky. This shows that Maggie is supportive to her sisters and wants Alice and Vicky to have a good future, even though her sisters are always complaining about things Maggie does, for example, marrying a lower class boot maker. I think that Maggie has become more supportive of her sisters now that she has got married herself.

Maggie has always helped her father look after himself and she always took care of his business while he was having fun drinking at the Moonraker’s Inn. This shows that she is more helpful than her sisters. Maggie is always busy while her father and her sisters don’t do anything. “she crosses and takes her place at desk”,”she busies herself with an account book”. She finds it important to look after the business because she knows if she doesn’t help out her family would be moneyless and Hobson’s business would close down.

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Hobson is unkind to Maggie even after all the work and jobs that Maggie does for him. Hobson always turns to Maggie for help, for example, after he fell into the Beenstock cellar, he knows that he will get prosecuted. Maggie gives her father help only after being ironic to him because he said he would only let men run the business after Maggie ran off with Willy. She reminds him, “why yes, I’m going and you can discuss it man to man with no fools of women about”. She is pretending to her father that she is going to go and leave Willy to sort Hobson’s problems out.

Maggie then suggests that Hobson settles it out of court (privately) so he doesn’t receive bad publicity and lose customers over it. She then calls in Albert and the others; Hobson does not suspect anything because he is still a little drunk from being in the Moonraker’s. Albert asks Hobson for one thousand pounds to settle it, but Maggie stops him, “Eh Albert Prosser I can see that you are going to get on in the world, but you needn’t be greedy here. That one thousand’s too much. ” So she persuades her father to pay five hundred instead.

I think that she is helping him, even though the money for Alice and Vicky, Hobson would have to have had to have paid for all the damages so in a way it is helping the family because the money is staying in the family, instead of paying for a court case. Hobson becomes ill in Act Four, Tubby wants to get Maggie, but Hobson is too stubborn. Dr. MacFarlane comes round and tells Hobson that he has chronic alcoholism, and tells him that he needs to get Maggie back so that she can help him. “You will get Maggie back.

At any price. At all costs to your pride, as your medical man I order to get Maggie back, I don’t know Maggie, but I prescribe her and damn ye, sir, are ye going to defy me again! ” According to the doctor, Maggie is Hobson’s cure, the doctor know that it is Maggie who did all the work round the house. I think that Dr. MacFarlane knows that there is no cure for alcoholism apart from giving up alcohol and he knows that Maggie will not let him have alcohol. Maggie then walks in and is bought in by Tubby.

The doctor asks Maggie if she will live with Hobson again and look after him; to stop him drinking. Maggie considers it straight away, but wants to check with Willy first. She would give up her business to help out, and she does a lot for him which she doesn’t want to do, “I don’t want to come, father, I expect no holiday existence here, with you to keep in health, but if Will tells me it’s my duty, I shall come. ” Maggie is thinking of other people before herself. I think that she is quite a kind lady, even though Hobson always criticises her.

Alice and Vicky are also asked if they would help, but they don’t give it a moment’s thought. Alice is too grand and Vicky is pregnant. This shows that Maggie is the kindest sister out of the three. After asking Will if it is okay to move in with her father, he accepts. Hobson makes an offer to Will, “now you’re coming here, to this house, both of you, and you can have the back bedroom for your own and the use of this room split along with me. Maggie’ll keep house, and if she’s time to spare she can lend a hand in the shop. I’m finding Will a job.

You can come back to your old bench in the cellar, Will, and I’ll pay you the old wage of eighteen shillings a week and you and me’ll go equal whacks in the cost of housekeeping, and if that’s not handsome, I dunno what is. I’m finding you a house rent free and paying half the keep of your wife. ” Hobson thinks that he’s giving them a good deal, but now Will and Maggie have got their own business, they get a lot more than that. I think that Hobson is being mean giving Will a small amount of money when he is the one who gets all the customers in.

At the beginning of the book Maggie behaves in a terrible way to Will Mossop, Mrs. Hepworth came round to see the person who made the boots because they are so comfortable and she gives him her card, “you’ll keep that card Mossop, and if you’ll dare leave here to go to another shop without letting me know where you are. ” She gives him a great compliment and tells Hobson that he gets underpaid. At that point, Hobson gets Will to go down and carry on with his work. Maggie has seen how Mrs. Hepworth has responded to Will Mossop, and Maggie has thoughts and plans to get her and Will some money.