Cruel psychologically

This disturbing quote shows just how heartless Mr Squeers is. He only stops when he is tired which suggests that if he didn’t get tired, he probably wouldn’t stop. Mr Squeers sees his cane as his holding power over the boys and whenever he goes somewhere he takes it with him. “Arming himself with his cane”. Mr Squeers is not nearly so scary when he does not have his cane so he takes it with him as an extra fear-factor. In conclusion, this section shows that Mr Squeers uses the cane harshly and brutally towards the boys. As well as being cruel, physically, to the boys, Mr Squeers is also cruel psychologically.

He does this by hardly listening to the boys and not acknowledging what they are trying to say or accepting their opinions. “Wholly disregarding a piteous plea for mercy. ” This quote shows just how little Mr Squeers listens to the boys because whilst Bolder was trying to explain himself, Mr Squeers uncaringly cut him off and proceeded to beat him. Mr Squeers does not give the boys a chance to express themselves because he is always butting in and telling them what to do, for example, when Bolder is trying to explain why he has warts on his hands.

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Mr Squeers is extremely effective in what he does. For example, one of his main objectives is to make money. “They held and considered that their business and profession was to get as much from every boy as could possibly be screwed out of him. ” Mr Squeers does this constantly by taking money from the boys, cutting corners in his school, like not having proper teaching facilities, not feeding the boys properly, not making the school look attractive and having five boys in one bed.

All these have helped Mr Squeers achieve one of his aims, making money, and this shows that he is effective in what he wants to do. Whilst Mr Squeers is effective in making money, he is not effective in being a suitable head teacher or even a subject teacher. In today’s schools it would seem as if Mr Squeers had his priorities wrong as the children’s education should come first. Mr Squeers is very effective in getting the instant obedience he desires and obtains this by constantly threatening and intimidating the helpless boys.

This keeps them on edge and because they are under-nourished and are not fed well they are all too weak to fight back against their cruel and scheming headmaster. Mr Squeers gets obedience from the boys by brutally beating them with this cane which keeps the boys living in such fear that they dare not answer back. In conclusion Mr Squeers is effective in getting what he wants but is not at all capable of being a head teacher.

I believe that Charles Dickens has deliberately portrayed Mr Squeers as a greedy, despicable man because he wanted to show the people, who read his book what it was like to be in a school like this at this time in life. He wanted to show how ill treated physically deformed and children that their parents didn’t want were and he also wanted to show how bad the education system was at that time. By 1870 the first ever education act was drafted by William Forster and I think this is what Charles Dickens wanted the out come of his book to bring- a better and fairer life for children who need it.