Dramatic irony

At this stage Eddie spills the beans about what is bothering him to Beatrice. Eddie says, ‘If he is here to work then he should work, if he is here for a good time then he can fool around.’ Eddie here is saying that Rodolfo is not here to have a good time but here to work really hard and send money home, which he, unlike his brother has not done since arriving. Eddie is telling Beatrice that he is not fulfilling his purpose after taking a dangerous passage from Italy and living in constant danger all the time. Eddie feels that Rodolfo is not appreciating the risk that has been sacrificed for him and is going too far with the little bit of freedom that he has just found.

Rodolfo here gets the message that Eddie does not want him around his niece, Catherine. Eddie is very jealous at how well Rodolfo and Catherine are getting along and that it is not quite the same any more for his relationship with Catherine. At this point the tension is very high, Eddie’s jealousy is not hidden inside of him anymore, it is very conspicuous to the audience. The audience is thinking and is very worried at what drastic action Eddie may take for he is very unstable. Eddie also threatens Rodolfo and Marco by saying, ‘…if he is here for a good time then he can fool around.’

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Eddie’s feelings are now very much observable, his feelings say that either Rodolfo stops, or both Rodolfo and Marco can leave. Eddie has compelled Rodolfo into two alternatives, either he could gain American citizenship or spend a little time with Catherine and then be forced back to Sicily, either way he could not earn a long term relationship with Catherine, but later on another opportunity unravelled,

At the next part of that scene the characters are once again united sitting together as they were previously, like a family. Marco brings up the subject about how proud he is about Rodolfo learning how to cook and clean. Eddie sarcastically comments, ‘It is wonderful that he can cook and clean, he could make dresses..’ The comment humoured the audience because Eddie’s question is disguised, he is really questioning Rodolfo’s sexuality because he does everything like a girl. We discover here that Eddie is sexist, just because Rodolfo does things like cooking and making dresses doesn’t mean he is woman, Eddie presumes all of these things are just for woman so therefor he is stereotyping. But this is nothing but disrespect and sign of no honour for Marco

Later on Eddie tries to show that he meant it as a genuine comment and not a criticism saying, ‘If I could sing, if I could make dresses, I wouldn’t work in the waterfront, I would work in a dress store.’ Not only is Eddie trying to deceive the others into thinking that he meant well, but also he has sent a concealed message to Rodolfo. The message is that Rodolfo is a phoney and that he should leave, if he can do things like cooking and making dresses that he should be earning a lot more money and living in a place of his own.

After that Eddie started to act very peculiarly, He rolled up his newspaper and twisted it until it was all screwed up, unaware that all eyes were on him, he ripped the newspaper. The audience really feel the tension here. Eddie just tore the newspaper and let out some anger that was bottled and simmering inside of him, waiting to detonate. Not only do the audience know that Eddie is quite unstable, but it is starting to get really obvious to the characters that Eddie is not himself, that something is wrong. Next time would Eddie unleash his anger upon the newspaper? Or would he do something drastically extreme?

Eddie then invited Rodolfo and Marco to see a boxing match, He said to Rodolfo, ‘ I treat yiz, what do you say danish? Wanna come along?’ The audience here gather that they know why Eddie was rubbing his fist earlier on, but it also puts suspicion and doubt into the minds of the audience due to the abrupt friendly manner towards Rodolfo. Why invite Rodolfo to a boxing match if Eddie thinks he is a sissy? Does Eddie’s good deed come from a mind with a good motive? Eddie being friendly was not from the heart, it was just an act, which Eddie used to build up to his one and true motive.

Since they were on the topic of boxing, Eddie thought that he had the perfect excuse and an impeccable incentive to ask Rodolfo to box without arousing that much suspicion or curiosity. But the audience knew exactly why Eddie asked Rodolfo to box with him. ‘I don’t want to hit you Eddie.’ Pleaded Rodolfo. Rodolfo knows what Eddie has in mind so he uses the excuse not to hit Eddie with out embarrassing himself. ‘Don’t pity me, come on. Throw it, I’ll show you how to block it.’ Said Eddie. Eddie is very eager to box with Rodolfo because he knows and so do the audience about the outcome of the situation.

Eddie dodged Rodolfo’s first punch, he instructs Rodolfo not to hit like a girl. Rodolfo, still with doubt lurking in his mind about what he is doing throws another jab, this time a little harder. Again Eddie evaded the jab but this time he hit back. He punched Rodolfo so hard that it probably took him some time to recover from seeing stars. Before Eddie started boxing with Rodolfo, the others characters weren’t much aware of Eddie’s intentions, but the audience were. There was a vast scene of dramatic irony present.