Society & help

Sheila Birling, the daughter of Mr. Birling understood the effect she had on Eva Smith. Whilst she was in Milwards she was trying on some dresses and hats. She knew that the dresses would not suit her very well. Eva Smith was laughing at Sheila because she did not look good in the dresses. So Sheila went straight to the manager and complained saying that Eva Smith was being disrespectful and impertinent. She said if she saw Eva Smith next time she came in the shop to buy clothes she would immediately walk back and tell her mother to close her account.

I think that Sheila was jealous of Eva Smith, so just to show off her power she got Eva sacked from her last decent job. All these incidents are adding up, and resulting in an enormous heart-breaking situation at the end. Gerald Croft has had a big part to play in these chains of events; he had an affair with Daisy Renton and then he abandoned her when he felt like it. Gerald saw her at the Palace Bar. He started to talk to her because a man was harassing her. He took her back to his place and they talked.

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They met again and Gerald found out that she was completely penniless, half starved and she had nowhere to live. Gerald then gave her an apartment to stay in which his friend trusted him with. Gerald kept on seeing Daisy at this apartment and she became his mistress. Daisy was in love with him but knew herself that this could never happen because they were both from very different classes. But Gerald didn’t feel the same way about her as she did for him. Gerald eventually ended the relationship and Daisy knew that this was going to occur sometime or other.

I don’t think that Gerald had a great part with Daisy committing suicide because Daisy knew that this relationship would not work out. The only bad thing that Gerald was doing was being unfaithful to Sheila, so I don’t think that Gerald pushed her in the path of committing suicide. Mrs. Birling is very strict and snob like. Just as her husband she does not care about anybody else but herself. She is part of the ‘Brumley Woman’s Charity Organisation’.

Eva Smith went to this society for help. When she arrived there, Mrs Birling asked her for her name and Eva replied “Mrs.Birling” The real Mrs Birling got angry with her and thought that the girl was being cheeky “Yes I think it was simply a piece of gross impertinent-quite deliberate-and naturally that was one of the things that prejudiced me against her case”. Mrs Birling used her power to dismiss Eva Smith’s plea for help “It sounds ridiculous to me. So I was perfectly justified in advising my committee not to allow her claim for assistance”. Even though Eva Smith had now gone, Mrs Birling still won’t take any responsibility in the death of Eva Smith.