What makes these chosen stories Thrillers?

It is very difficult to write what makes a typical thriller, as there are many genres before the word thriller, but one of the most common factors throughout all of these genres is that a thriller thrills the reader as they are reading. The most classic thrillers are murder mystery thrillers such as Silence Of The Lambs. The six stories I have read are The Pedestrian By Ray Bradbury, Miriam by Truman Capote, Marihuana And A Pistol by Chester B.

Himes, One Ordinary Day, With Peanuts by Shirley Jackson, The Catbird Seat by James Thurber and Button, Button by Richard Matheson. The three stories I have chosen to write an essay on are Miriam by Truman Capote, Marihuana And A Pistol by Chester B. Himes and Button, Button by Richard Matheson. The thrillers that I have chosen are psychological thrillers as they focus on the workings of the character’s mind and mental state throughout the story, some of the stories have a touch of extreme violence which makes the story also have a touch of an action thriller.

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What makes these thrillers are that they attract the reader by building the story up by using the characters and leaves the reader wanting to know more by keeping them thrilled. Miriam by Truman Capote Truman Capote’s thriller Miriam is about a middle-aged woman called Mrs Miller, who lives alone. She decides to go to a picture house and meets a little girl, Miriam, who asks Mrs Miller to buy her a ticket. Miriam then starts arriving on Mrs Miller’s doorstep, and begins to start tormenting Mrs Miller.

Miriam asks for various items, Mrs Miller the next day gets the items with no control over herself; an old man also follows her when she is out shopping. And once again Miriam arrives, even though Mrs Miller does not want to let Miriam in, she ends up doing so. Miriam makes Mrs Miller so angry and frustrated that runs to the apartment a landing below, and speaks to a couple about her predicament. The husband of the couple, Harry goes to Mrs Miller’s apartment and comes back to say that there is no one or nothing there.